We are delighted to launch the Middle East Business Excellence Awards. Led by an expert judging panel, the Awards will recognize the outstanding achievements of corporations that have contributed to the development of society, the environment and the economy by leveraging the potential of CSR in the MENA region.

The Middle East Business Excellence Awards honour corporations which have integrated the principles and values of CSR into their business philosophy and operations, and are given for programs that deliver positive, innovative and sustainable solutions to social and environmental challenges and accelerate progress. The Middle East Business Excellence Awards are an independent endorsement of the quality of an organization’s commitment to CSR and sustainability in the MENA region.

The objectives of the Middle East Business Excellence Awards are to:

  1. Recognize excellent CSR practices and innovative solutions by organizations in the MENA region
  2. Build the capacity of an organization’s CSR practices
  3. Empower and leverage networks of leading CSR and sustainability experts

The Middle East Business Excellence Awards are dedicated to driving forward the CSR agenda. As such, all organizations submitting an entry may request feedback on their initiative.


 How much does it cost to enter? 

  • Free

How Do I Know if My CSR Project Is Eligible? 

  • The organization must be registered in the MENA region
  • The organization must be for-profit
  • The organization must be available to attend the Awards Ceremony

What Are The Key Dates For The Awards? 

  • Deadline for entry submissions: 1st September 2016
  • Short-listing: t.b.a.
  • Awards ceremony and announcement of winning entries: t.b.a.
  • Feedback: t.b.a.

How Will My Company Benefit? 

  • Independent and expert recognition of excellence in CSR practice
  • Media coverage
  • Winners will have a special feature in the January 2017 printed and online editions of Middle East Business News & Magazine

How Do I Enter? 

  • Download and complete the entry form.
  • Return the completed entry form by email to
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you acknowledging the successful receipt of your submission and advising of any missing information.
  • If your submission has been short-listed, you will be advised on further steps.

What Information Must I Submit? 

  • Only information contained in the entry form will be judged, with the exception of a video link (See section 2, Question 4). Any additional materials sent will not be reviewed.
  • The entry form must be in English. Entries submitted in other languages will not be eligible.
  • Organizations must submit accurate and honest assessments of their CSR initiatives.

How Many Categories May I Enter? 

  • You may submit more than one initiative per award category.
  • You may enter more than one award category.
  • You must not submit the same initiative more than once.

We advise that you read each category description carefully and ensure you select a category that best fits your chosen initiative. Your initiatives will be judged according to the relevance to the category title and blurb.

Can I Request Feedback On My Entry? 

  • After the winners have been announced, organizations may request feedback on their entries.

Who Should I Contact For More Information? 


After the closing date for submissions, all entries will be reviewed by our panel of judges. Judging will be based on the strength of the initiatives and their relevance to the criteria. After marked entries have been consolidated, a shortlist will be created and winners selected. The shortlist will be announced on the Middle East Business News & Magazine website, and winners announced at the Awards Ceremony.

All decisions made are final and neither the organizing bodies nor the judging panel will enter into any correspondence about the results.


The judging panel is comprised of local, regional and international experts in CSR and sustainability corporations, NGOs and universities. More information about the judges will be released at a later date.

The judging panel will be chaired by Drs Daan Elffers, CSR Editor at Middle East Business News and Magazine. Founder and CEO of EMG Group, and Chairman of the Islamic Reporting Initiative (IRI). Elffers is an advisory council member for the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), the largest membership organization for sustainability professionals. Elffers was a judge on the CSR Excellence Awards in Dubai (2015) and Saudi Arabia (2014) and chaired the CSR Summits in Dubai (2014), Saudi Arabia (2014) and Qatar (2013).


  1. Women Entrepreneur Award

To celebrate the Middle East Business focus on women for the year of 2016, the 2016 special edition award will be the ‘Women Entrepreneur Award’. This Award honours female entrepreneurs who, through founding or leading a successful business, have made a significant social impact on those in their community, advanced their industry in an exceptionally positive way, or inspired and supported other women in their economic decision making. The objectives of the Women Entrepreneur Award are to:

  • Recognize and respect the entrepreneurial achievements of women
  • Inspire and develop role models for gender balance in the workplace and community
  • Build and empower networks of female leaders.
  1. Social Engagement Award

This Award pays homage to organizations which provide unmatched support to society, facilitating development at the local and regional level. Winning organizations will demonstrate a significant social impact, empowering youth, women and disadvantaged groups. The objectives of the Social Engagement Award are to:

  • Recognize and respect the social achievements of organizations
  • Support the development of a resilient and prosperous society
  • Build and empower networks of inspirational communities.
  1. Environmental Stewardship Award

This Award seeks to celebrate organizations which are dedicated to environmental sustainability. Through the practice of environmentally responsible actions or the delivery of an environment-enriching program, the Award celebrates those contributing to the health of local and global ecosystems. The objectives of the Environmental Stewardship Award are to:

  • Recognize and honour organizations who are implementing environmentally sound operations / practices
  • Respect and raise awareness of environmental outreach programs
  • Build and empower networks of environmental stewardship.
  1. Middle East Business CSR Excellence Award

The Middle East Business CSR Excellence Award looks at the performance and initiatives of a corporation from a holistic perspective, recognizing outstanding programs which are making a substantive difference to the community, the economy and the environment. The organization will also be recognized for the positive impact of its CSR programs on their stakeholders, peers and communities. The objectives of the Middle East Business CSR Excellence Award are to:

  • Recognize and honour the outstanding achievement of a corporation holistically, in their sustainability performance
  • Recognize and promote industry leaders to inspire others
  • Build and empower networks within and across industries.

The deadline for the application entries will be in September 2016 and the winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony in November 2016. Dates and location will be confirmed soon.

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