Ajman Tourism signs a memorandum of understanding with Ajman DED

Ajman Tourism signs a memorandum of understanding with Ajman DED

The Ajman Department of Tourism Development – ADTD signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ajman Department of Economic Development (Ajman DED) which aims to establish a partnership between the two parties to increase cooperation, unite efforts and exchange knowledge and experiences at all levels.

The memorandum of understanding was signed by His Excellency Mahmoud Khaleel Alhashmi, Director General of the Ajman Department of Tourism Development, and His Excellency Abdullah Ahmed Al Hamrani, Director General of the Ajman Department of Economic Development.

As part of the agreement, a coordinating committee will be formed that aims to increase the economic and tourism growth rates in the emirate by uniting efforts and exchanging experience and knowledge to support tourism projects and events in line with the emirate’s vision 2030.

The agreement aims to enhance the emirate’s position at the regional and global levels by improving its position in international competitiveness reports. The two parties also seek to enhance the economic and tourism competitiveness of the emirate through integration in planning, partnerships and joint projects. The memorandum also aims to support decision-makers by measuring strategic performance and raising customer satisfaction rates.

The scope of collaboration between these two parties encompasses a range of activities, including synchronized efforts in economic and tourism marketing and promotion, the exchange of vital economic and tourism-related data and insights, and the undertaking of collaborative studies and research endeavors. This collaboration further encompasses the formulation and execution of joint policies and initiatives, as well as the continuous monitoring of international competitiveness benchmarks. A pivotal objective is also to enrich the experiences of investors and tourists alike by involving international corporations and orchestrating joint occasions and festivals.

In this regard, His Excellency Mahmood Khaleel Alhashmi, Director General of the Ajman Department of Tourism Development stated, “Ajman Tourism aims to promote the touristic attractions across the emirate and highlight the unique elements of Ajman as one of the leading tourist destinations in the UAE.”

He explained that the agreement with Ajman DED comes in line with Ajman Tourism keenness to synergize efforts between government entities as per the directives and vision of the wise leadership to improve economic planning mechanisms and achieve sustainable economic development in the Emirate of Ajman.

H.E. Abdullah Ahmed Al Hamrani, Director-General of the Department of Economic Development in Ajman (Ajman DED), affirmed that this memorandum stresses the two parties’ keenness to unify and integrate efforts to achieve sustainable economic development and economic and tourism promotion of the Ajman, as well as enhancing the competitiveness and attractiveness of the investment, business and tourism sectors, and anticipating the economic and tourism future, which plays a major role in making Ajman a leading economic center at the local and global levels.

Al Hamrani added that the joint committee that will be formed according to this memorandum aims to prepare and implement strategies and plans compatible with the Ajman Vision 2030 in the economic and tourism fields, implement joint projects and initiatives between the two departments, and develop specific action plans that contribute to achieving common development goals. The committee will also work to exchange experiences and data and coordinate efforts to develop programs and initiatives that enhance the position of Ajman as a distinguished investment and tourism destination.

About the Ajman Department of Tourism Development

The Ajman Department of Tourism Development aims to promote the touristic attractions across the emirate, and shedding light on the unique elements that Ajman has to offer as one of the leading travel destinations in the UAE.

The department works on developing strategies to improve local, regional, and international tourism in the emirate through planning and implementing global campaigns for tourism promotion, organizing and participating in conferences and exhibitions, regulating and developing the tourism industry, and improving the capacities and services of the tourism facilities and businesses operating in the emirate.

The Ajman Department of Tourism Development is responsible for setting regulations and legislations required to organize the tourism sector in the emirate, finding the appropriate tourism standards and services provided to tourists, and issuing licenses for travel and tourism agencies and administering their efficiency.

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