American Interest in Books About Investing Grows by 150% Amid Economic Meltdown

American Interest in Books About Investing Grows by 150% Amid Economic Meltdown

Data compiled by shows that Americans’ interest in the phrase investment book has grown by about 150% over the past year. The interest is based on queries logged on the search engine Google.

Interest spikes in March 

The data shows that the interest steadily spiked in March this year. During the week ending 8th March, the popularity score for the phrase was 37 which later dropped to 26 before rising again to 40 during the week ending March 22. A week later, the popularity increased by about 57% to 63. By the second week of April, the popularity score grew to 71 before attaining the peak popularity of 100 in the week ending April 19th.

Before the march steady growth in the queries, the highest peak popularity was recorded during the second week of December 2019 at 62. Another notable high of 2019, was registered during the weeks ending 2nd June and 11th August when the figure stood at 53. The lowest interest in books on investment was during the week ending 3rd November when the score was 20.

The spike in the queries comes at a time the American economy has been crippled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. According to the report:

“The interest can be attributed to the fact that most people wanted to know where to put their money amid an economic meltdown.”

The data also highlights the states with most queries relating to books about an investment where Massachusetts attained a peak popularity score of 100. Connecticut and Minnesota attained a popularity score of 84 while the New York score stood at 82.

Other states with notable search volumes include New Jersey (71), North Carolina (68), Illinois (67), South Carolina (66), California (65), and Maryland (65).

The full story and charts available here:

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