Brexit Will Hurt London-based Tech Startups

Brexit Will Hurt London-based Tech Startups

In a recent interview with LearnBonds, the co-founder and CMO of, Viktor Nebehaj, said that Brexit has already affected their long-term strategy and hiring plans.

The co-founder of Freetrade has also talked about Brexit and its implications for the firm. This political process had a negative impact on the company to date. Nebehaj mentioned the firm started to be affected when the referendum happened.

One of the main things about Brexit is related to how it has affected the way the company hires people. He went on saying that Brexit will have a direct impact on London-based tech startups.

Despite these issues, Mr. Nebehaj commented about the future of the company:

“I see Freetrade being victorious in terms of becoming the largest, most trusted product in Europe and beyond. Of course, we have a lot to build to get there, but I personally see ourselves structured the best to achieve that.”

Nebehaj said that CFD providers will increasingly be affected by a trust deficit from users. This is why challenger banks need to focus on this issue.

Considering cryptocurrencies have been a hot topic in the last few years, Freetrade have explored the idea of adding cryptocurrencies to the application.

Learnbonds editor Justinas Baltrusaitis added: “It doesn’t surprise us that Brexit continues to have such a negative impact on London-based startups. Brexit will severely restrict the available consumer marketplace that tech startups can markets their products too. Meanwhile, EU-based counterparts will still have cross-board access and the ability to hire talented people from abroad.”

The full story can be read here: freetrade-io-co-founder- brexit-will-hurt-startups- such-as-ours/

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