CEO-Preneurship Summit 2018 — meet with the world’s most important CEOs

Meet with the world’s most important CEOs! Discover new visions for the future! Prepare to be an angel investor in your retirement!

On 20 February 2018 in Istanbul, the CEO-Preneurship Summit of the WBAF World Congress 2018 will host the CEOs of 100M+ corporates from 80 countries.

For the first time ever, the World Business Angels Investment Forum will be hosting more than 1,000 delegates from all over the world. WBAF 2018, the biggest annual gathering of the world’s early-stage equity and investment markets, will feature 5 important summits running concurrently on 18–20 February 2018 at the Swissotel The Bosphorus Istanbul.

Full Agenda

This year’s forum will focus on the theme ‘Unlocking the Potential for Innovation: Angel Investors Partnering with Family Offices and Wealth Management Institutions from Start-up to Scale-up to Exit to Boost More Innovation.’ The discussions will explore how family offices and wealth management institutions can foster open innovation and deliver more business value through partnerships with angel investors, start-ups, scale-ups, high-growth businesses and SMEs. The concurrent summits are the following:

• the WBAF Annual Conference 2018 (for angel investors).

• the Take Invest Summit 2018 (for start-ups and scale-ups).

• the FinTech Summit 2018 (for finance executives).

• the Impact Investment Summit 2018 (for impact investors).

• the CEO-Preneurship Summit 2018 (for CEOs of global companies valued at $100+ million).

The Agenda of the CEO-Preneurship Summit on 20 February 2018

·        The CEO debate: How relevant is a CEO background in starting a business?

·        Challenges and opportunities of turning CEOs into angel investors

·        How can CEOs benefit from changing public policy?

·        Supporting the supporters of entrepreneurs vs supporting entrepreneurs directly

·        The CEO perspective: Investing in the right team or invested by the right team?

·        The critical role of CEOs in accelerating the growth of new businesses: Connecting start-ups with corporate ventures

·        The importance of global networking for early exits

·        Which is better for CEOs? Investing in start-ups or investing in scale-ups? Putting less with more risk or putting more with less risk?

·        What is the value of CEOs in early-stage equity markets?

·        How to bring the CEO of a start-up and the CEO of a multi-million-dollar corporation to the same page

·        Virgin investors: What should CEOs expect in their first angel investment?

·        Insights from former CEOs who are now Angel Investors: Navigating opportunities in your new life after you retire

Meet with the world’s most important CEOs and / or learn how to prepare yourself as an angel investor for your retirement days!

The World Business Angels Investment Forum invites you to meet with the world’s most important CEOs and discover new visions for the future. If you are already a CEO, then learn how to prepare yourself as an angel investor for your retirement days!


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