Commercial Micromobility Conference Middle East 2021

Commercial Micromobility Conference Middle East 2021

With their constant appetite for innovation, GCC cities should arguably be the most dynamic playgrounds for new transportation and mobility solutions. With the raise in app based operators, the market is seeing an increase in shared mobility models leading to less congestion on the roads and making way for a sustainable ecosystem. Ride-hailing has indeed been very successful in the region as illustrated by the success story of Careem.

There is off-course a need to develop a multimodal ecosystem with alternative transport modes to unclog road infrastructure and look at new mobility offers in particular to the first and last mile segment. Micro mobility refers to short-distance transport, usually less than 5 miles. With the right supporting action from cities, E-scooters (small wheeled electric vehicles) will provide convenient, easily accessible, comfortable transit, control over social distancing and fewer points of shared contact.

Today, the UAE is at the forefront of micro mobility in the region. Organizations across the globe are committed to delivering services localised for the needs of the Middle East market. Given this background, the Commercial Micromobility Conference Middle East : Virtual is scheduled on the 1 April 2021.The event will primarily focus on the opportunities, challenges in adoption and how to attract investments while increasing acceptance. With the theme of “Putting middle east in the forefront of the micromobility revolution” this program aided by fast paced presentations and panel discussions will bring together stakeholders across the value chain in the region including Jonathan Spear, Transport Policy Advisor-Atkins Acuity UAE; Thomas Edelmann, Founder & Managing Director- RoadSafety UAE and Angad Singh, Director GCC- Aramaex just to name a few to discuss what needs to be done to put micromobility in the mainstream while upgrading existing infrastructure for future mobility disruptions.

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