Top 5 early stage investment markets of Europe

Country ranking by market size for 2016 showed the UK, Spain, Finland, Germany and Turkey as the top 5 early stage investment markets of Europe

EBAN started collecting data in 2000, and has been publishing the statistics since then. Moreover, it is important to point out that the number of respondents differs y-o-y and not all the identified players participated in the survey. Also the survey falls short on accounting for the so called “invisible market”, which represents a consistent portion of overall business angels’ investments. EBAN now collects BA statistics from a record of 35 countries.

The EBAN Statistics Compendium is Europe’s most extensive annual research on the activity of business angels and business angel networks. It provides information on the overall early stage market, on how business angel networks operate and insight into their investment attitudes. EBAN released Early Stage Investment Statistics at the EBAN Malaga Congress. Comprehensive compendium will be released at the end of June 2017. Download the summary of the compendium now.

EBAN’s Statistics Compendium is based not only on the information provided by European business angel networks (hereafter BANs), Federations of BANs, individual business angels and other validated early stage investors who responded to EBAN’s Survey, but also based on data published in Crunchbase, Zephyr database, governmental BA co-investment funds and tax breaks reports, and national and regional research studies on angel investment. The collection of data was pursued through a web form activated from the EBAN website or directly e-mailed to the Secretariat of EBAN through a pre-formatted survey. Phone interviews were also conducted.

Hot points from the Compendium are

• BAs are spreading to all European countries, reaching 312.500 angels fort he first time

• 2016 marks a new record for BA investments at 6.6 billion Euros

• Amounts invested per company are increasing due to higher rates of co-investment and angel syndication

• Equity crowdfunding is growing fast

• The early stage investment in Europe is approaching 10 billion Euros which is expected to be surpassed in 2017

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