E-Payment and Internet Banking Summit 2018

E-Payment and Internet Banking Summit 2018

The annual summit of the Electronic Payments and Internet Banking will be held in the Kingdom of Bahrain on 27-28 March 2018 under the chairmanship of Mr. Abdul Karim Bujairi, Chairman of the Bahrain Bourse.

The Summit is organized by the EastMed limited, London based company, in partnership with Bahrain Bourse, Bahrain Banking Association and Bahrain Insurance Association. As well as many organisations such as The Information and E-Government Authority, the Economic Development Board, the Central Bank of Bahrain, Ahli United Bank, CreditMax and Tamkeen have expressed their interest in participation. The summit is sponsored by Al Baraka Banking Group, The Benefit Company, Ibdar Bank and Bahrain Islamic Bank.

Mr. Abdul Karim Bujairi said “The Summit is an ideal and practical opportunity to highlight the role of Bahrain in the field of government and electronic banking and the use of facilities and electronic devices in the process of completing transactions in the public and private sectors, which provides a positive and nurturing environment for various business sectors, the conference will also discuss the latest developments in the field.”

Mr. Abdul Karim Bujairi added “The Electronic Payments and Internet Banking summit is a real opportunity to discuss strategies, policies and mechanisms and then to come up with practical proposals and solutions to develop the business environment and make it an attractive environment for both internal and external investments. Financial, investment and banking operations at the local and international levels. ”

The Summit will shed light on the best practical applications in the field of operations and electronic banking. It is pointless to talk about a productive working environment in the financial, banking and other sectors, without mentioning the importance of providing effective tools and mechanisms in order to facilitate operations smoothly and smoothly. This will be done through lectures and workshops by experts, academics and executives in this field, as well as a review of some of the successful experiences and stories from the public and private sectors that have achieved remarkable achievements in this area.

The summit chairman added, any national economy, governmental or non-governmental organization cannot provide services or products that are satisfied by customers without continuous improvement of their services in terms of quality and price. We should not lose sight of our plans in the service delivery process “The question of competitiveness is to stay for the best in terms of services, product and price. Those who offer the best remain on the map of competition and those who lose this feature will fade or get a dissatisfaction with the future whether it is a client for private institutions or a citizen seeking distinguished service from ministries and government service agencies.”

Bujairi urged ministries, government agencies, the financial and banking sectors, companies and institutions involved in electronic payments and banking services in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries to participate actively in this important summit because they are discussing current issues and looking forward to the future.

“Preparations are under way for the conference, as we have finalized most of the arrangements for the conference and seek to attract all sectors of business, whether governmental or private, from within Bahrain and from the GCC.” Mr. Abdul Karim Bujairi

It is hoped that more than 200 participants from inside and outside Bahrain will participate in the conference.

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