How to Excel at Google My Business – Infographic

How to Excel at Google My Business – Infographic

The platform Google My Business is of huge importance to business owners. Having an optimized profile for your business can mean a higher ranking position in the search engine results page which can of course equate to increased footfall/traffic and revenue as a result. The Google My Business (GMB) platform is easy to use and there is a related app which means that people can be updated of engagement whilst on the go. People can leave reviews about the business and of course these can be negative or positive. What’s key is that those reviews be they positive or negative are acknowledged and responded to. Google My Business also enables business owners to add images including 360 degree images and also videos. These can really showcase your business and really entice people to come and visit (if relevant). It’s also important to keep things like opening hours up to date so that people have the correct information as it’s extremely frustrating for customers (potential and existing) to receive erroneous information. Many business people are widely concerned about their presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but Google My Business should actually be their very first port of call. Claiming your business on the platform (which is very easy to do) should be one of the very first things you do when you open your business to the public. This infographic from Storetraffic examines everything you need to know about Google My Business. It outlines how to achieve an optimized listing; it explains how to deal with negative reviews and lots more. Check it out below!

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