Experience The Sixth-Edition of Lausanne Jardins’ Breathtaking Landscapes

Experience The Sixth-Edition of Lausanne Jardins’ Breathtaking Landscapes

The magical city Lausanne welcomes the summer with the highly anticipated Lausanne Jardins, an event showcasing the most beautifully cultivated landscapes in unexpected urban areas. Dazzling both locals and foreigners alike, the public is welcomed to experience this sixth-edition event with open access from 15th June to 12th October.

The summer long affair guides guests on a scenic journey through approximately thirty contemporary embedded gardens on a route including city streets, squares, neglected plots, buildings’, facades, and roofs. The breathtaking landscapes are pieces taken from an international competition, with one exclusive landscape exhibition being designed by global gardener Gilles Clément.

Every five years the city reconnects with the soil, and this year is no different with the theme ‘open ground’. During this period, Lausanne is showcased in a unique light with illuminating hues of poetry and playfulness, that harmoniously educates the audience on unforgettable themes surrounding the landscapes.

Following the garden path of exploration from Western to Eastern Lausanne, guests will assimilate fascinating information about the soil and it’s qualities, and the manner in which wealth is found in trees, mossy outcrops and gardens. Visitors of all ages will have something to learn and enjoy with the provision of numerous activities, creative and scientific workshops, thematic visits, and even the featuring of a lavish water fountain that serves to remind guests of the underground presence of the liquid element.

The Director of GCC Markets at Lausanne Tourism, Walter Loser said, “The Lausanne Jardins is a remarkable cultural event that encourages everyone to come and dig their toes into the soil this summer, with a marvelous showcasing of such lavish and beautiful landscapes. Families and friends can embark on this memorable journey that only takes place every few years”.

With picturesque backdrops of charming towns and stunning lakes, this interactive approach of Lausanne Jardins allows for the beautiful  landscapes to come to life for its visitors by offering an extraordinary and unforgettable surface tour of the underground.

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