Fewer Germans Want To Invest In Bitcoin – 78% Decline In Two Years

Fewer Germans Want To Invest In Bitcoin – 78% Decline In Two Years

Only 3.3% of Germans say they would “rather” or “definitely” invest in Bitcoin. In December 2017, this share was around 15%, as can be seen on a new infographic by The research also shows that the Google search volume for the term “bitcoin” is currently relatively low.

In the third week of April, the global Google trend score for “bitcoin” was at 12. This is according to the data provided by the search engine over the past 3 years.  A value of 100 stands for the greatest possible relative search interest.

Meanwhile, the infographic shows that interest in the most popular cryptocurrency is greatest in Nigeria, followed by South Africa – another country on the African continent. In a country ranking, Austria ranks third, Germany in 12th place.

Fewer and fewer Germans seem to be inclined to invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin than at the end of 2017. However, the data also indicates that investors still place their trust in the digital currency. 63% of wallet owners store bitcoins for at least one year. The tokens, on the other hand, are stored on the wallet for an average of 2.9 years.

“Considering the amazing comeback the digital currency made last year, it may at first seem surprising that the percentage of those who consider investing in Bitcoin is so low,” said Kryptoszene analyst Raphael Lulay. “However, the currency is still trading well below the all-time high.  If the halving has the effect that many predict, the interest could rise again by leaps and bounds”.

The full story with the infographic, facts and more statistics:

Fewer And Fewer People Want To Invest In Bitcoin – A 78% Decline Since December 2017

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