Five Tips to Thriving in Solopreneurship

Five Tips to Thriving in Solopreneurship

While embracing this lifestyle can bring tremendous rewards, it also involves challenges– even for the most well-established solopreneurs. Here are some important tips to keep you on track and thriving:

Sustain your productivity.

An organized approach to your work will ensure you stay the course and remain productive.

Create the right space.

Creating a work environment that protects you from outside distractions and pressure will help keep you focused.

Work with a sense of purpose.

Working with a sense of purpose can create a bridge between personal interests and motivations that are fulfilling professionally.

Surround-sound support.

Avoid social isolation through interactions with a formal peer group, informal support networks, direct role models, mentors or collaborators.

Stick to a routine.

To improve workflow, create routines such as keeping a schedule, following a to-do list, and prioritizing challenges.

Lastly, and most importantly, stay focused on your health. The health of your business is often dependent on your overall health, but solopreneurs sometimes overlook this important aspect. In fact, 60 percent of gig workers lack access to employer-sponsored benefits.1 And, there are no laws guaranteeing unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation, paid time off or employer-provided health care for independent workers.

The good news is the gig economy is spawning a need for “independent benefits” and leading the way is VSP® Individual Vision Plans, offering independent eye care plans for independent workers. As the #1 choice in vision care2, VSP offers affordable individual vision coverage for solopreneurs and those who don’t have access to employer-provided vision care. Think about it as a VSP Individual Vision Plan for your workplace of one.

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