Global power industry tenders in Q3 2019

Global power industry tenders in Q3 2019: Thermal technology down 32%

Thermal technology tenders activity in Q3 2019 saw 396 tenders announced, marking a drop of 32% over the last four-quarter average of 581, according to GlobalData’s power industry tenders database.

Oil was the top category in thermal technology in terms of number of tenders for the quarter, accounting for 307 tenders and a 79.3% share, followed by Coal with 45 tenders and an 11.6% share. Gas stood in third place with 35 tenders and a 9% share.

Looking at global power tenders activity divided by the type of technology, thermal held the top position in terms of number of tenders during Q3 2019 with a 47.9% share.

The proportion of tenders by category in the Thermal technology tracked by GlobalData in the quarter was as follows:

  1. Supply & Erection: 246 tenders and a 62.1% share
  2. Repair, Maintenance, Upgrade & Others: 136 tenders and a 34.3% share
  3. Project Implementation: 11 tenders and a 2.8% share
  4. Consulting & Similar Services: three tenders and a 0.8% share.

Asia-Pacific leads thermal tenders activity in Q3 2019

Comparing tenders activity in thermal technology in different regions of the globe, Asia-Pacific held the top position with 256 tenders and a share of 64.6% during Q3 2019, followed by North America with 65 tenders and a 16.4% share and Middle East and Africa with 44 tenders and an 11.1% share.

In fourth place was Europe with 31 tenders and a 7.8% share.

Thermal technology tenders in Q3 2019: Top companies by capacity

The top issuers of tenders in Thermal technology for the quarter in terms of power capacity involved were:

  1. Ministry of Energy and Water, Lebanon (Lebanon): 1,500MW from one tender
  2. Electricity Supply Board (Ireland): 350MW from one tender
  3. Kogeneracja (Poland): 180MW capacity from one tender.
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