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Lighting: a major element in reducing Egypt’s energy consumption

Lighting: a major element in reducing Egypt’s energy consumption

Egypt is the fastest growing economy in the Middle East and Africa and is one of the most populous countries.  To reduce the energy demand, Egypt’s energy efficiency program requires the total energy consumption of government buildings and street lighting to be reduced by 50% by December 2016.

In April 2015, a project valued at US$268.2million was announced by the Minster of Electricity to replace 3.89 million street lamp bulbs with energy-efficient ones and is slated to be completed in 28 months. The objective of the energy-efficient street lighting will save Egypt US$191.52 million annually.

The 2nd annual LightingTech Egypt will be held on 26-27 September 2016 in Cairo, Egypt. This conference is organized by Advanced Conferences and meetings and will discuss the challenges, latest technology advancements, partnership requirements and market entry strategies.

Implementing LED in 22 new cities

The New Urban Communities Authority which falls under the Ministry of Housing, Utilities & Urban Development (MoH), has been tasked with implementing LED and solar retrofits across the 22 new cities.

Why take part in LightingTech Egypt conference?

This conference is being launched to help demonstrating best practice implementation to answer the specific requirements and challenges in Egypt.

This unique and timely event will bring together the relevant government bodies, lighting industry experts, developers, consultants and solution providers.



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