National Treasure 2016 launched to celebrate the vision of UAE

National Treasure 2016 launched to celebrate the vision of UAE

More than 30 extraordinary speakers to address the gathering

 Conference schedule: 27 -28 September 2016

Venue: Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry Headquarter

An initiative by Knowledge Expansion, Under the patronage of Dubai Chambers of Commerce & Industry & in partnership with Tejar Dubai

National Treasure debuts in Dubai and will be a tribute to the vision of union of seven emirates and how the founding fathers of the nation came together with a vision and foundation of the country several decades ago and how the next generations can carry the legacy forward by imbibing those values, and using them to create successful businesses and a sustainable economy.

The first theatrical conference of its kind in UAE, the conference will bring the state of the art audiovisual techniques to create a spell bounding display of UAE’s heritage, the strategic vision of the forefathers, which will become a unique learning experience as the panelists and speakers will add their expertise on the core human and business values, through their sessions.

The two day event and awards ceremony is organized under the patronage and guidance of Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry and in partnership with Tejar Dubai.

Through interactive sharing, our speakers will highlight their experience and examples as well as show the impact on effectiveness, productivity and growth of their business.

Key takeaways for the attendees:

This two day conference is limited to 500 guests, who will have an extraordinary opportunity to learn, engage and hear from the speakers as well as have exposure to actionable talks, onsite-counselling, real-life case studies, and training on organizational development, corporate learning and career guidance which will set them on a path of future success.

The program will also offer attendees with credentials for strategic knowledge in management and career achievement.






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