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Responsible Finance Summit in Abu Dhabi

Responsible Finance Summit in Abu Dhabi

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The Responsible Finance Summit began on Tuesday, April, 29 in the capital of UAE Abu Dhabi, with a large presence of Arab and international figures from the private, banking, governmental and international organizations. The summit was organized for the fourth time by RFI and the Swiss-Arab network from Zurich.

It discussed a number of topics on responsible finance and its conditions, and it also discussed topics such as Ethical Financing, Green Financing and its close relation with Islamic finance.  On the first day, UNCHR offered its activities, funded by Zakah funds in the Islamic world.

Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) presented its initiative with funding from community-based activities as a moral responsibility of the Bank around the world. A close collaboration between responsible finance and Islamic finance and its applications. The session was attended by Societe Gérale Bank of France and the Islamic Bank of CIMB from Malaysia The second day was composed of four sessions that focused on the mechanisms to achieve funding that serves nature and human rights. Amal Daraghmeh Masri moderated the second session on Responsible Finance Applications in Islamic and traditional banks and on the challenges of its applications.

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