Your gateway to explore Vertical Farming industry in the Gulf

Your gateway to explore Vertical Farming industry in the Gulf – GVF 2023 will go live this September in Dubai

As days pass and the Middle East Largest and ONLY Exclusive Event – the Global Vertical Farming Show 2023 by TAB group in Dubai happening on 13th and 14th September, gets near – it is being exceptionally acclaimed and talked about amongst the industry professionals.

The summit will bring together experts, innovators, and leaders in the vertical farming industry from across the globe. The event will serve as a platform for discussions on the latest trends, ideas, and innovative solutions in the field of vertical farming, and its potential to transform the future of agriculture and food industry.

The event is aimed at facilitating knowledge-sharing, networking opportunities, and fostering collaborations between the stakeholders in the vertical farming industry. The event will feature panel discussions, keynote speeches, and interactive sessions on topics ranging from sustainable agriculture practices, emerging technologies, challenges and opportunities in vertical farming, and new business models.

Participants of the Global Vertical Farming Show will have the opportunity to learn from industry top experts, share ideas, and connect with peers. Visitors will also have access to the exhibition area which will showcase the latest products, technologies, and services in the vertical farming field.

Tab group is proud to be hosting this event in Dubai, a city that is known for its leadership in innovation and technology. They believe that the event will create an excellent opportunity for stakeholders to learn, connect and explore new business opportunities, and are excited to play a part in shaping the future of agriculture in the Middle East with a core focus on vertical farming.

They are expecting a massive turnout this time, and are ready to host 5000+ targeted attendees, 750+ vertical farming & related companies, 500+ senior conference attendees, 100+ exhibitors & sponsors, 50+ expert speakers from more than 35 countries. GVF 2023 has recently confirmed some of the most promising names from the industry such as FOHSEN Growspec, Al Aliyo Hydrofarms, MULTIVAC Middle East FZE,Uns Farms, Elgro, Weber Cooling, Hiphen-Plant, Logitec Plus BV, Grow-tec, Gulf Perlite, Biocan, Sormac BV, Emirates Green Building Council, FNF Exports, Kannan Fibres, PowerPlus Group, Hortigrow Substrates Inc., Farm 66, Keisha Green, Weiland Electric, Stantec and many more.

GVF 2023 Dubai is paving global vertical farming technology, service and solution providers to engage and advance their business activities in the Middle East and if you are someone who would want to be at the forefront, this show is the best spot for you.

Registration for the Global Vertical Farming Show Dubai is now open, and we encourage all interested parties to seize this opportunity to participate in this innovative trade show. For more information, please visit or contact Mohammad Talha at .

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