On-trade Juice Market in UAE to Reach AED 740 million in 2016

On-trade Juice Market in UAE to Reach AED 740 million in 2016

Juice In Time receives over 150 potential contacts interested in implementing their system at Gulfood 2016

Juice In Time concluded its participation at Gulfood 2016 with many positive insights and outcomes. Firstly, Juice in Time attracted potential contacts interested in implementing their system through their participation at Gulfood 2016 from local companies and companies based in the GCC and other countries such as Australia, USA, Italy, France, UK, Thailand, Malaysia, and Zambia, that exceeded their expectations. This indicates the value of participation at the Gulfood event.

Secondly, bearing in mind the value of AED 740 million that the on-trade UAE Juice market is supposed to reach in 2016 according to a study conducted by Euromonitor International, and considering the enquiries received at Gulfood stall, the high-potential target market for the Juice In Time machine are F&B catering companies.

The target market in addition to F&B catering companies would also include health clubs, gyms, schools, and even hospitals. “Corporate businesses that encourage their employees to lead a healthy and active life style and business people who manage their own restaurants and coffee shops, are two other sectors that can benefit from our machine,” said Mr. Nicolas Daher, Managing Director, Juice In Time speaking further on the possible composition of their target market in the UAE.

Thirdly, Gulfood 2016 was a successful platform for Juice In Time as over 1,500 people visited the stall, tried the Juice In Time system, and requested for more information. Feedback on juice flavours in the UAE and the region showed a preference for sweet blends such as grapes, banana and mango. “As we enter the UAE market, we will go ahead with our existing 14 flavours, then develop new flavours based on local fruits such as dates, and seasonal flavours such Jallab during Ramdan,” said Mr. Daher.

Further, according to feedback that Juice In Time received, the machine is considered a hygienic way of preparing juice easily and as an excellent healthy option in comparison to available beverages. “Overall feedback was positive, people like the idea of making fresh juice more convenient,” said Mr. Daher.

Finally, Juice in Time received an invitation to participate in SIAL Canada. Mr. Daher credited the important of Gulfood 2016 for this invitation.

About Juice In Time

Juice in Time is an original and innovative juicing system that allows you to make natural fruit juices in offices, cafeterias (HORECA) or at home without a blender, sink, dishes or running water. The process only involves using capsules filled with frozen fruit pulp, keeping it more hands-free for you. The Juice in Time system is a hassle-free solution that allows you to choose your favourite blend of fruits to then make your favourite juice drink! The system is ideal for companies that want to promote and encourage employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Headquartered in Dubai, the UAE Operation Hub is ready to share this unique experience and open new markets in the Middle East, North Africa and Russia. Be a partner, be a customer, be an investor. Juice your life. For more information, please visit

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