The trip support provider recognizes its top-performing industry partners

UAS International Trip Support Launch Handler and Fuel Supplier of the Year Awards

The trip support provider recognizes its top-performing industry partners  

Global solutions provider, UAS International Trip Support, has launched the Handler and Fuel Supplier of the Year Awards to celebrate its top-performing industry partners in every area it serves. With a portfolio of international clients that include heads of state, VVIPs, Fortune 500 companies and business jet operators, UAS considers these awards as an important method of honoring their outstanding partners, while also reassuring clients of the company’s stringent quality assurance processes at every level of the supply chain. UAS’ international teams employ a strict selection process when choosing vendors based on an evaluation by all stakeholders involved, including client feedback and internal assessment of quality and service levels.

UAS’ Top Performing Handlers 2015: Lider Aviation in America, Entebbe Handling Services Ltd. in Africa, IASS Co. Ltd. in the Asia Pacific and the Indian Subcontinent, AVIAPARTNER in Russia, CIS and Europe, and Execujet Middle East in the Middle East.

UAS’ Top Performing Fuel Suppliers 2015: Emarat Misr Petroleum Products in Africa, Maldives Airports Company Ltd. in the Asia Pacific, ExxonMobil in Europe, and Abu Dhabi National Oil Company in the Middle East.

As well as recognizing the contribution vendors make to UAS’ ability to ensure consistent service levels and successful missions, the awards also provide an impetus to selected vendors to continue their quality services on behalf of UAS and its clients.

UAS has undertaken an ambitious expansion program in recent years. Today the company boasts a global network that includes four continental headquarters in Houston, Johannesburg, Hong Kong and Dubai, as well as four regional offices in Lagos, Nairobi, Beijing and New Delhi and station managers in 23 global locations. “Our client’s ability to trust us is supported by our hand-picked international network of outstanding vendors who work continuously on our behalf and for our benefit so we can supply the best service available, everywhere in the world,” said Omar Hosari, UAS Co-Founder and CEO. “We feel it’s vital to recognize outstanding performances and this is why we are launching the Handler and Fuel Supplier of the Year Awards,” he added.

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