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A Hospital that opens for one day every year

A Hospital that opens for one day every year

Saudi health ministry revealed that its facilities in Arafat, numbering 55 hospitals, and health centers, performed their duty in serving pilgrims during this year’s Hajj.

These hospitals and centers are unique, as they provide their services for one day only during the Hajj season, so that pilgrims can perform their rituals with full safety and comfort.

Arafat area hosts 3 hospitals, Jabal Al-Rahma, Namira, and East Arafat Hospital, with a total capacity of 493 beds. Of those 108 beds are for intensive care units, 54 emergency beds, and 7 operating rooms.

The hospitals include all medical specialties, which range from general surgery, neurosurgery, and gastrointestinal surgery to urology.

The smaller 52 clinics are equipped to treat heat stroke patients aided by 13 ambulances and 36 mobile paramedic teams.


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