A new App for social spending experience launched

A Dubai based technology service provider, recently launched their mobile app for both Android & Apple devices. A unique combination of the daily essentials including networking, retail, social and many more functions, the MyHUBBER app offers immense functionality at your fingertips!

“We are aiming to centralize everything a user needs from day to day, whilst rewarding them for it! We want to ensure we are offering value to both our users and merchants”, states Omran Yousef, CEO & Founder of MyHUBBER.

Omran envisions regional and international success for MyHUBBER hosting the most coveted products, valuable merchants onboard and integrated billing redemption partners for users to pay utility and telephone bills or even buy cinema tickets with their rewards.

“MyHUBBER combines the world of shopping and socializing to stand out from other loyalty programs. We want to provide genuine value to users; each MyHUBBER point is equal to a dirham, offering users the choice to spend their earned rewards with us or even with our popular integrated billing partners including DU, Etisalat, DEWA, Salik, Reel Cinemas amongst others!”

MyHUBBER’s HUBStore allows you to shop from the best brands and merchants or even look up pre-loved items giving you an experience nothing short of a mall. The app offers users social networking tools in addition to e-shopping allowing them to converse with sellers and pals staying up to date with the latest trends and updates! There’s more to MyHUBBER’s value proposition offers limitless opportunities to both users and merchants with an interface that promises to do it all!

MyHUBBER is an exciting partnership between CEO Omran Yousef and AJSM Investments Chairman HH Sheikh Saeed Obaid Al Maktoum.

“We often oversee the need for a centralized platform, not all users are active on multiple platforms to derive the most value out of them, and this is where MyHUBBER comes to consolidate your day to day needs.”, shares Ali Bakali, Senior Business Strategist & Consultant at AJSM Invesments.

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