Apple adopts new analytic mechanism to bump-upcompetitiveness

Time for change: Apple adopts new analytic mechanism to bump-upcompetitiveness

Recent news has outlined how Apple is now making a number of concessions for developers in order for the brand to remain competitive, attractive and ahead of the curve. These concessions include building analytical tools that provide insights into how apps are used and monetised, speeding up approvals processes for new apps and halving its intake for many transactions in the App Store.

In response to this news, Nuno Gonçalves Pedro, partner of Delta Partners’ digital practice in San Francisco, comments:

“The biggest challenge lingering on tech players’ minds now is: how can app developers keep pulling consumers towards using the apps on a regular basis?

“The answer is rather logical; you need to give consumers actual engagement with the apps that you are offering. As a developer, you need to ensure you provide users with enough utility on a weekly or monthly basis so that consumers are returning regularly. This could be through music, photos, films and games that need to be revisited more frequently by the consumer so that the service remains an integral part of their device consumption.

“With sales of smartphones slowing down and manufacturers fighting over market share, when it comes to user retention and business revenues, Apple’s move is a wise one.

“By rolling out tools that focus on providing a better understanding of the consumer, software developers will be able to better align their apps according to these insights to encourage ongoing interaction rather than a quick fad. Ultimately, this move was a long time coming and a necessary one, and integral for a brand like Apple to put itself in front of the competition.”

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