Arab EU World Summit

Arab EU World Summit

Middle East Business Magazine has concluded its media partnership in the Arab EU World Summit which took place under the patronage of the Greek government, the EU-Arab World Summit was held on 9-10 November 2017 in Athens, Greece, with view of providing the most representative and dynamic platform for debating strategies of Euro-Arab cooperation and partnership between the two-major economic and political blocs.  The editor in chief of Middle East Business Magazine Amal Daraghmeh Masri has moderated a session at the Summit under the title of “How can Arab-European relations be developed?”.

The European Union and Arab world have throughout the years been sharing a destiny of geographical proximity, economic and political cooperation on many fronts. The two major worlds have a long history of cross-fertilization and human and cultural exchanges that had shaped their heritage and shared history and values. However, a legacy of conflicts and misunderstandings has in many instances affected both worlds’ ability to leverage this natural complementarity in order to establish strategic partnerships and create a global Euro-Arab zone of stability and prosperity.
Both the European Union and the Arab world shoulder a historical responsibility to overcome all hindrances, and work hard on cementing a global partnership that could easily create one of the significant zones of political and economic cooperation in the world. Euro-Arab cooperation will be instrumental in strengthening Europe’s global political and economic standing while helping the Arab region to overcome and resolve its challenges, and lay the foundation for industry and knowledge-driven economic development that would eventually supersede the region’s chronic dependency.


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