Bank of Palestine provides $500,000 donations to support relief efforts for Displaced Individuals at UNRWA Schools in Gaza

Bank of Palestine provided an emergency donation of $500,000 to support the United Nations World Food Programme – WFP to provide food supplies for hundreds of thousands of displaced individuals at the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) schools in the Gaza Strip.

This emergency response by the Bank is part of its decision to provide support to international agencies in their relief efforts to provide emergency support to Palestinian civilians in Gaza, especially innocent civilians who have been displaced from their homes due to the ongoing war.

This donation comes as an immediate response to appeals by the WFP as it seeks to provide essential food supplies to 805,000 people affected by the ongoing war, including approximately 200,000 displaced individuals currently finding shelter in UNRWA schools in Gaza.

Bank of Palestine is closely monitoring the urgent humanitarian needs of the civilian population in coordination with international and humanitarian agencies. This intervention is important given the severe shortages of basic necessities, food, and water in the Gaza Strip.

Bank of Palestine commends the efforts of the World Food Programme and UNRWA for their continued provision of humanitarian and relief support to tens of thousands of families in Gaza who sought shelter in UNRWA school facilities.

Bank of Palestine is hopeful that international humanitarian organizations are able to open a humanitarian corridor to ensure that these essential supplies reach the displaced citizens in Gaza.

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