Early showcase screening solutions accelerate infrastructure projects

Early showcase screening solutions accelerate infrastructure projects

Fugro is set to present its pioneering early site screening solutions at the International Geotechnical Innovation Conference (IGIC) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on May 6-7, 2024, showcasing how its technology can help clients reduce uncertainties hidden in the soil of their infrastructure projects. As a recognised leader in Geo-data solutions, Fugro’s technology targets the challenges that slow down infrastructure development, often leading to extended schedules and cost overruns.

KPMG’s 2023 Global Construction Survey revealed that 50% of construction projects exceed their scheduled completion times, and 37% surpass budget forecasts, often due to an inadequate understanding of subsurface conditions. Fugro addresses this challenge by providing critical data during the initial planning and design phases empowering its clients to make informed decisions.

At the IGIC event, Dr. Rod Eddies, Solution Director Land Site Characterisation at Fugro, will open the session titled, ‘Early Screening for Improved Management of Geo-risks’ as a keynote speaker. He will discuss the shift from traditional investigation methods to advanced techniques resulting in improved decision-making, reduced biases, and enhanced project outcomes. Additionally, Dr Alexandre Boleve, Innovation Engineer at Fugro, will participate in a session titled: ‘Machine Learning and Geo-statistics in Geo-Risk Management,’ exploring how AI and Machine Learning can mitigate risks and improve efficiencies in construction projects.

At the same time, Fugro will participate in the International Port & Marine Development Conference (IPMDC), which is collocated with IGIC, highlighting its specialised solutions and technologies crucial for the sustainable development of marine and coastal projects.

During the IPMDC session titled ‘Effective Geo-data Management for Maritime Civil Infrastructure,’ Hannes Swiegers, Director IRM Services & Remote Operations at Fugro Middle East & India, will delve into the transformative potential of Fugro’s remote and autonomous solutions for revolutionising maritime infrastructure.

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