How well do you understand insurance?

How well do you understand insurance? – Quiz

Insurance is a vital investment that we undertake in order to protect ourselves financially when an unfortunate event causes damage to your house, car or other valued property. There is quite an amount of terminology involved – your head could be spinning from trying to differentiate between indemnities and premiums, conditions and considerations – and it is important that you understand what each of these terms mean before you put pen to paper on an insurance form.

This quiz by Balcombes Claims Management ( tests your insurance knowledge with eight multiple choice questions. By having a go at this two-minute quiz, you will see how strong an understanding you have of insurance and the terminology that comes with it. If you’re apprehensive at the prospect of completing an insurance form without knowing the specifics of it, this quiz is well worth a try.

Here it is:


Company info

Balcombes Claims Management provides a property claims management service to individual homeowners and companies who have suffered a loss. The firm submits a claim and negotiates a settlement on behalf of the client, whatever the extent of the damage that has been caused.

Balcombes is located in Sandyford Office Park in Sandyford, Dublin 18, Ireland; it provides its services on a national level.

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