Investing in next generation voice platform for real-time business

Delta Partners supports Orion Labs by investing in next generation voice platform for real-time business

Delta Partners, a leading advisory and investment firm, has today announced its support for Orion Labs by investing into the company’s next generation voice platform for real-time business. The investment is part of Orion Labs’ completion of $18.25 million funds.

San-Francisco-based Orion, the fast-growing voice communication platform for teams in business, enterprise, and government organisations, will be using the funds to expand sales, partnerships, and accelerate the roll-out of new voice services for business productivity such as Orion’s real-time translation voice bot.

Victor Font, CEO, Delta Partners, said after the investment: “At Delta Partners, we closely monitor the new wave of voice communications as an enabler of new and highly sought-after products and services for consumers and businesses alike. We were impressed by what the team at Orion Labs has achieved in such a limited timeframe and wanted to support them in their journey to transform entire industries and empower teams and communities through innovative voice interfaces.”

Orion Pro: Transforming Business with Voice

Orion is at the forefront of the revolution in voice as the new interface between people and technology. Using Orion, teams can communicate securely in real-time, across any distance, with other people and with intelligent bots and services. Orion’s award-winning Onyx wearable communication device lets people talk privately or with teams while remaining heads-up and eyes-free. Onyx works with iOS and Android smartphones to deliver messages over any cellular or Wi-Fi network.

Orion recently launched Orion Pro, a hosted subscription service for organizations of any size. With Orion Pro, organizations can easily onboard new users and manage permissions using powerful, web-based administrative controls. Current customers include organizations in construction, retail, hospitality, transportation, logistics, education, facilities and event management.

Real time voice translation

Starting today, all customers have access to a preview of Translator Bot, Orion’s new real-time voice translation bot. Orion’s Translator Bot gives users the ability to speak in English and have it instantly translated to Spanish, or the other way around. This showcases how Orion can enable teams to communicate across language barriers. Real-time translation is the first of many new voice services Orion will be adding to the platform to expand what businesses and teams can accomplish with voice.

“English and Spanish translation is one of the most frequently-requested services from our customers and we’re excited to make it available today,” said Jesse Robbins, Orion Labs Founder and CEO. “This is just the beginning. We will soon add many new languages, integrations, and entirely new capabilities for our customers. Our vision is based in the belief that connecting people and teams with these new capabilities gives teams superpowers. We hope many people will try our translation bot preview and see the potential for themselves.”


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