Jordanian Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship event launched

Jordanian Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship event launched

The Information and Communications Technology Association of Jordan (int@j) on Wednesday launched “Jordanian Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship in Dubai – JOITED” event in partnership with both Ministries of Investment & Digital Economy & Entrepreneurship and Jordan Business Council in Dubai int@j, through the press conference held remotely, clarified that the “JOITED” is a 5-day event that is held from February 21 to February 25, will start with a forum on February 21, followed by an exhibition over the next 4 days, February 22-25, inside the Jordanian pavilion at Expo 2020.

The event aims to promote Jordan as a digital technology and innovation hub in the region and to make way for Jordanian companies to meet and communicate and network with major regional and international companies as well as investment funds, in addition to attempting to create opportunities for growth and expansion.

The Chairman of int@j – Mr. Amjad Swais, said that the event aims to promote the Jordanian IT and entrepreneurship sector, as day one will include various discussion forums to highlight the development of the sector and Jordanian expertise.

He added that the sessions will focus on Jordan’s competitive environment, making it a suitable environment for foreign investments in the IT sector, and many CEOs will be hosted and invited, as well as founders of IT and startup companies, clients, and public figures from the public and academic sectors, with an expected attendance of more than 400 people.

He reassured that the 4-day expo will provide a distinguished opportunity for Jordanian companies to showcase their services and products to the visitors of the Jordanian Pavilion at Expo 2020, as well as many other global companies, business people, and investment funds invited to attend, where there will be a specific program during the expo to maximize desired benefits. Swais underlined that the ICT and entrepreneurship sector has grown significantly in the last 20 years and is now considered one of the leading ICT sectors in the MENA region.

Swais reaffirmed the importance of consolidating efforts to support the transition of the Kingdom into a regional ICT hub that serves the greater MENA region and an incubating center for startups in the technology sector. int@j chairman has also expressed his thanks to both Ministries of Investment and Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship and to the Jordanian Pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai, as well as to the Jordan Business Council in Dubai and the collective partners of int@j, for their support in making this event a success.

On his part, the General Commissioner of the Jordanian Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai and Secretary-General of the Ministry of Investment Zaher Qatarneh underscored the support of the government and the Ministry of Investment for entrepreneurial and creative projects, especially among the youth, and the work ongoing to enable entrepreneurs through highlighting their expertise and excellence in the domain of technology and innovation. He stated that the government is looking to encourage Jordanian companies to enter into partnerships with foreign companies and investors and to instill Jordan’s position as a center for attracting investments into this sector.

He also rehashed that the ministry is seeking to shed light on the efforts exerted in Jordan to realize an environment that is attractive to investments in the futuristic sectors and opportunities, to stimulate new sectors in knowledge economy and digital economy, and to redirect research, studies, and attention to support the evolution in the education sector and capacity building and developments in various applications. He explained that various facilities, incentives, and exemptions are granted to investments in the IT sector and aspire through an attractive investment environment and the facilities and incentives granted under the Investment Law to attract and direct technology investments towards Jordan to contribute to boosting the Jordanian economic growth rate and create jobs.

On Jordan’s participation at the Expo 2020 Dubai, Al Qatarneh confirmed Jordan’s participation in said international event through its own Pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai, held at the mobility cluster, as it provides a new and innovative vision to spreading positive messages for the future, through an interactive sensual experience, tackling issues revolving around the enablement of society and support of the economy, and showcasing Jordan’s ancient history, as well as enriching culture. In addition to the representation of Jordanian youths in various initiatives within the Expo program, he pointed to the selection of innovative Jordanians who provide solutions to societal challenges, within the scope of the influential innovation grants program within the Expo Live Program, which offers socially impactful solutions at a worldwide level, in which two projects from Jordan were selected for the international Expo Live grant, which reaffirms the success and advancement of entrepreneurship in Jordan. Moreover, the Deputy Chairman of the Jordan Business Council in Dubai Eng.

Bashar Kilani said that this event will provide the platform and suitable opportunity for Jordan to show Jordanian success stories. He mentioned that the Dubai Expo is a significant economic promotional opportunity, underlining the importance of holding “Expo 2020 Dubai” in the shadow of the Coronavirus, as the pandemic was an opportunity for entrepreneurs to invent technological solutions that serve the continuation of business without suspension. Kilani underscored that Jordan excels at a regional level with sizeable expertise and capabilities in the ICT domain and business entrepreneurship. At the end of the conference, an expansive discussion took place among the audience about the actual scale of benefit and promotion of the capabilities of the Jordanian ICT sector.

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