Jordan’s national renewable energy strategy – Get involved

Jordan’s national renewable energy strategy – Get involved
To meet the rising electricity demands in the Middle East which is estimated to grow by 1.9% each year, many countries are tendering solar and wind projects.

Jordan has made impressive progress in implementing its renewable energy strategy, which is underpinned by a supportive regulatory framework, a defined project pipeline and funding assistance from the GCC countries.

In 2012, the government introduced regulations paving the way for solar net-metering, under which Jordanians can sell electricity produced by solar energy at a rate of 125 fils per kilowatt hour ($A0.22kw/h).

By the end of February 2015, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources received wind project proposals of round one of the tender with a total capacity of about 250MW and solar projects of the second round, with a total capacity of 200MW.

Solar & Wind Projects Jordan is a specialized conference under the patronage of the Ministry of Environment of Jordanaddressing the implementation of strategies to finance, construct and operate solar and wind projects in Jordan.

An ideal opportunity

Jordan is currently importing 96% of its energy needs annually. Therefore, it was announced in July 2015 that the Jordanian government has signed 13 agreements to build wind and solar energy plants with a total capacity of 317 megawatts. The projects are in line with Jordan’s national energy strategy, which aims to increase reliance on renewable power sources.
Why take part in Solar & Wind Projects Jordan conference?

This conference is being launched to help demonstrating best practice implementation to answer the specific requirements and challenges in Jordan.

This unique and timely event will bring together the relevant government bodies, solar and wind industry experts, renewable energy professionals and solution providers.



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