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New Job! New Look!

New Job! New Look!

How can you provide a professional look with a low budget?

The first step is: Check the Dress Code. You should know the dress code of the company you work in, and you should check if you have to be suited or is “smart casual” their style.

Second Step: Invest & Mix and Match. When you go shopping, don’t get too excited, be smart and decisive, and invest in buying key pieces that you can mix and match and Choose pieces that you can wear for a while.

Third step: Don’t be afraid of discount stores. There is nothing wrong with discount outlets, or vintage stores. It doesn’t matter if the piece of clothing is not expensive, if it looks good on you and gives a nice smart look you should not hesitate buying it.

Last but not least, buy your clothes slowly so you can spread the cost throughout the year and don’t wear your new clothes all in the same weak, it will prevent your clothes from wearing out all at the same time.

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