The New Standard in Interactive Jet Chartering launched at Mebaa, Dubai

The New Standard in Interactive Jet Chartering launched at Mebaa, Dubai

Jet Scout is a new innovative web booking platform that provides the business aviation community with improvements in price, timeliness, flexibility and efficiency. Fully operational on Dec 12, 2017, private flyers around the world will appreciate its user-friendly interface, which has been thoroughly tested and developed to serve even the most complex booking scenarios.

How does it work? 

Jet Scout offers a streamlined search engine running on one unique platform to connect consumers looking to book a private jet with providers and operators. On one hand, BusAv Operators will enjoy some specific features suchas ad hoc calculated route distances, custom operational costs, negotiated handling fees for specific airports, rule-based fees, and many other customized options. Jet charter providers also have a plethora of options, including the opportunity to use their own integrated sales platform with direct access to new clients, while spending less time using Jet Scout‘s proprietary software that efficiently handles quotations, booking and invoicing from A to Z. In addition, dedicated 24/7 support and video tutorials are available to all users every step of the way.

Jet Scout is designed to boost chartersales with its rapid confidential search, transparency and personalized options.  Furthermore, the platform also simplifies jet chartering with a fast and easy booking process. This public platform, which is free of charge to end-users, will be opened to any private jet flyer on Dec 12, 2016. With Jet Scout, consumers will have the ability to securely and efficiently request, quote, book, pay and fly anytime, anywhere across the globe.

“We received very positive signals from the industry, here at Middle East Business Aviation in Dubai Central. It is the final step of two and a half years of hard work,” states Stefano Costi, a computer science graduate and Jet Scout’s Managing Director. “Many more additional features, currently being beta-tested with our fellow clients, will come later this year. We know the expectations of the industry and how ‘uberization’ has revolutionized end users’ bookings. We can serve all the needs of the modern private jet users” Costi adds.

At Jet Scout origins:

Stefano Costi is the co-founder or Aeronautica SA Consulting & Software Development. Based in Switzerland, the company provides other solutions to business aviation operators such as Aviator One (a highly diversified and comprehensive scheduling software covering all daily commercial and operational tasks) and Aviator Training Manager (e-learning platform for pilots and dispatchers). He has worked in business aviation software design since 1989.

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