One month away from Global Entrepreneurship Week 2018

 One month away from Global Entrepreneurship Week 2018

We are only month away from the  Global Entrepreneurship week 2018, starting from 12 to 18 November in Palestine for the sixth year in a row, in conjunction with the world’s celebrations in leadership to encourage young people to launch their ideas for small and medium-sized enterprises.

GEW is an international initiative aimed at promoting entrepreneurial thinking and promoting entrepreneurship among young people, as well as educating them to understand project management and marketing in small and large enterprises, promoting their empowerment and developing their potential to create a suitable and stimulating environment for entrepreneurs from the entire world.

The event targets young Palestinian entrepreneurs, owners of startups, government and private sector employees, students and administrators, and all those interested in expanding their entrepreneurial vision, as well as it is a local platform for the public sector and the private sector in Palestine (for large companies and small or medium sized businesses) as to understand how to create the best environment to promote entrepreneurship and small and medium-sized enterprises.

This year the theme of GEW/Palestine will be the Ecosystem Connect. It aims to motivate communities to cooperate and share their networks and markets to support their growing startups prosper. Also, it enables collaboration and partnership between startup ecosystems in promising mid-tier cities. To learn more about GEW Ecosystem Connect, you can visit this link.

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