Organic Beauty Market to reach $25bn by 2025‎‎

The organic beauty industry is projected to grow 56% between 2020 and 2025, from 16 to 25 Billion US dollars, showing a dramatic rise, compared with the legacy cosmetics industry, due to women’s awareness of the importance of living a healthier, more natural, and chemical-free lifestyle.

On the regional level, the UAE is considered one of the top countries in applying high health standards and follows strict rules and regulations when it comes to allowing cosmetic products on its store shelves. It is this stringent standard of safety and quality along with its thriving beauty industry that has convinced Liht Organics to set up a base for its MENA operations in the UAE – in conjunction with their official launch event held at April Beauty, Dubai Mall in the presence of major beauty influencers and organic, clean beauty and cruelty-free living advocates.

After a successful launch in Asia, with partners like Tmall Global in China and Singapore Airlines, Liht Organics has invested in expanding in the United Arab Emirates as the starting point of its growth in the MENA region and is excited to be part of this diverse and sophisticated community that values quality and safety not just in beauty but as a lifestyle as well.

Nerissa Low, CEO & Founder of Liht Organics said: “Women are rapidly getting more conscious, and we have noticed that going natural and organic is not only the answer to utmost wellbeing in skin and body but is also the optimal sustainable choice for our planet”.

Low continued: “44% of cosmetics consumers prefer to use organic beauty products, and 32% of consumers spend time researching the ingredients used. We can see that women all over the world are realizing the long-term side effects that harmful chemical ingredients such as heavy metals and nanoparticles can have on their health, especially with products that are applied to their skin daily. After all, 60% of what you apply to your skin gets absorbed into your body”.

She also added: “After suffering a terrible onset of adult acne and having to get steroid injections on my pimples and being prescribed heavy medication that were linked to organ failure and depression, I decided to take control and find a safer, more permanent solution. Through my research, I had found that there were a shocking number of harmful chemicals in our daily care products that were related to triggering skin sensitivities, causing clogged and enlarged pores and, to my horror, some were even proven to be hormone disruptors and were linked to causing acne outbreaks”.

Low concluded: “The result of this research is now within reach of every woman in the United Arab Emirates and throughout the world. I created Liht Organics to provide a safer yet high-performing alternative to beauty. I’m proud to say that we have cracked the code for clean, quality makeup through all-natural formulas that are made with up to 90% USDA-certified organic ingredients and are vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and contain zero nanoparticles & harmful chemicals. I know this is also a relief for pregnant moms and women with sensitive skin because they are no longer excluded from enjoying the joys of this vibrant industry”.

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