Pause for thought

Pause for thought

At a time when the growing region finds itself in ever-greater turmoil, we still find pockets of light to guide us through the ever-darker nights of Autumn.

Our cover story is about the amazing skill of creating land from where it never existed – we show how dredging makes it possible to build where once only sea existed.  To shed light on these skills, we were delighted to meet and discuss this industry with both Pieter Jan De Nul and Filip Morobe.

We also invite you to discover more about Socotra, the mysterious Yemeni island, sitting in the Indian Ocean and so recently hit by a duo of destructive cyclones. We highlight the amazing natural delights of a small piece of paradise connected to a region suffering conflict.

We are also looking at some sectors we haven’t previously visited – port operations and solar power.

For the first time, an Arab country heads the International Association for Statistics. Palestine Central Bureau of Statistics achieved this honour following an election and in November 2015, Palestine hosted the International Conference for Statistics.

Oil remains at the heart of all economic news, as its price seems to dictate all that we do. We look how it affects economies; negatively for those countries who depend on it, and positively for those countries who produce it!

Our regular features on small business and how women fare in business have not been forgotten as we include articles on how family businesses can survive and how women can succeed in the energy sector.

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Amal Daraghmeh Masri

Editor in Chief & Founder

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