Special interview with The award winning “master” of property development in Cyprus Michael Leptos

Michael Leptos, CEO of The Leptos Group, welcomes Middle East Business Magazine to the “jewel in his crown”, the luxurious five-star Coral Beach Hotel near Paphos, Cyprus, with a broad smile and copious amounts of Mediterranean hospitality. He kindly answered a few of our questions about his Group.

Can you tell us a little about your business philosophy?

I have a firm philosophy that has guided my strategy over the years: making each and every project as unique as possible, incorporating high quality and stylish design, whilst respecting the environment. I founded The Leptos Group in Kyrenia in the early 1960s. In 1974, due to the political situation, I relocated the group’s activities to the Middle East for a short period and began constructing prestigious residential developments.

What is Leptos Group’s strengths?

In general, business growth is strongly tied to social contribution. Our group’s major strength is the continuous redefinition of the term “land development” within the framework of a deep-rooted sensitivity for the protection of the environment.

 As a leader in land and property development in Cyprus, what is your biggest challenge?

The challenge for the Leptos Group was to place the town of Paphos at the centre of its business activities in land and property development. Paphos, with its natural beauty and fertile landscape, offered major potential for successful development. Besides our 5-star Coral Beach Hotel & Conference Resort and the Thalassa Boutique Hotel & Spa, Leptos Group focuses on the construction of villas, residential and holiday developments and shopping centres whilst taking care of the local environment.

Do you have any new projects?

The Leptos Group is already moving ahead with two new ground breaking projects, the most ambitious of which is the “Neapolis” project. “Neapolis” – meaning “new town” in Greek – will be constructed over 111 hectares, effectively building a new town near central Paphos. This project represents the biggest construction challenge in the Mediterranean. The second project “Costa Nopia” covers an area of around 65 hectares and is situated in Kissamos Bay in Chania, on the beautiful island of Crete. The group is expanding its presence in Greece with prestigious residential and holiday developments and luxury hotels. Whilst the economic crisis rolls on, tourism – and construction – continues.

What’s the secret of your success?

Actually it’s due to the professionalism and team effort of the group’s employees, our international network of sales service staff, our investment in purchasing good quality land, and effective after sales support. At the same time, Leptos Group maintains strong bonds with our local communities – an essential part of our success.


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