The Prospect of Auto Rental & Leasing and Equipment Leasing Industry in the Middle East

The Prospect of Auto Rental & Leasing and Equipment Leasing Industry in the Middle East

Middle East Leasing industry now is facing opportunities and challenges with the dropping oil prices, Saudi Vision 2030, Brexit, introduction of VAT+ Income tax, ‘Dubai Expo 2020’ and ‘2022 World Cup Qatar’ ,etc. GCC countries are broadly investing in infrastructure projects which are bringing significant development opportunities for the construction sector especially.

It is widely believed that the prospects of auto rental & leasing and equipment leasing industry are promising in this under-developed market with the supportive policies and progressing legislations throughout the Middle Eastern countries.

Duxes’ 3rd Middle East Leasing Summit 2016 ( is due to take place on December 5-8, 2016, in Dubai, Which combines separate auto finance & leasing forum and equipment forum will surely offers a great platform for the industry players. At the summit, authoritative government officials from the region and speakers from notable industry associations and organizations, alongside internationally and locally leading companies, will share with attendees their invaluable experiences and opinions on the Middle East leasing industry. Participants will familiarize themselves with the market status quo, as well as government policies and regulations on the leasing industry in order to gain better understanding of the Middle East market, thereby optimizing development strategies in this region.

With a background of 8 years of hosting and 11 successful leasing summits, far-reaching industry influence and multiple valuable experiences have certificated the worth of this summit and justify the heightened expectation. It will also act as a great opportunity and business platform for attendees to identify potential partners and boost their Leasing business in the Middle East.

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