THE (R)EVOLUTION of your Business Processes!

THE (R)EVOLUTION of your Business Processes!

Prof. Dr. Marco Mevius

Business processes are at the core of what makes or breaks a business in today’s digital age. Nevertheless, Business Process Management (BPM) projects traditionally are not successful and fail on people. Management and business departments are involved too late. Graphical process models, created by BPM experts, are usually not practical. They are “set in stone”, but not lived. Additionally BPM projects often take on a kind of alibi function with the result of extensive “BPM wallpapers”, which cause high project costs, but creates no process experience into the company. This costs money and time. Existing opportunities remain unused. The new, multimedia-based method and the corresponding modeling tool BPM Touch®of bamero AG solves this conflict adequately and revolutionizes the management of business processes in a disruptive way.

The focus for BPM Touch®and M.E.M.O.® is as simple as it is ambitious; to move away from abstractions and towards results. The process experience is the key component of BPM Touch®’s success. Clients are able to design business processes, integrate multimedia files, edit data and share it with others using intuitive touch gestures. Furthermore, the tool incorporates technical and everyday language, which helps to capture business processes while ensuring 100% compliance to the modelling standard BPMN 2.0 at the same time.

Tailor-made business processes

For successful digitization projects of business processes it is important to discover what is already working in everyday work. On this base it is necessary to identify cooperatively profitable optimization potentials. The use of user-centric tools and the M.E.M.O.® approach allows shorter project durations over the entire life cycle of BPM projects by at least 30 percent. At first glance, BPM Touch® may seem like a digital cluster of information. In fact, it is a powerful knowledge base that captures a plethora of business processes. It is intuitive, light-weighted and digital. The multimedia-based software is especially designed for mobile process capturing and incorporates all end-to-end processes; it allows users to model, design and improve their business and IT processes anywhere at any time.BPM Touch® is the world’s first mobile and multimedia process modeling software. By using common language and multimedia annotations (images, audio and video) process steps can be expanded and get concrete. BPM Touch® has the feel of a smart consumer application, but represents a professional business application with all the corresponding functions. The modeling of business processes with BPM Touch® is simply fun. The use of common language increases process quality and simplifies the synchronization between business and IT. Process innovations are made possible through digitization.

Processes modeled with BPM Touch® can be exported into various formats. For example, it is possible to generate Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, containing all annotated media files, directly from BPM Touch®. This allows you to present your processes without major efforts.

Your benefits using BPM Touch®

By using BPM Touch® business processes can be captured and communicated up to 60% faster. In addition, with BPM Touch®, a clear and structured documentation of your internal knowledge of all operational units is possible. Thanks to innovative and intuitive modeling concepts, such as the InFlow-Modeling, the pie-menu and the revolutionary design of BPM Touch®, the modeling of business processes becomes an enlightening experience and generates a high identification of the users with the results.

Furthermore, due to the intuitive use of BPM Touch® and the close inclusion of user experience aspects (UX) in the development of BPM Touch® no technical training is needed. BPM Touch® is consistently based on open standards and provides maximum investment safety.


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