Top 10 tips for Sign Printers in Middle East

Top 10 tips for Sign Printers in Middle East

There is an expected CAGR of 6.5% for the Middle East & Africa Digital Signage Market from 2020 to 2025. Are you looking to invest in some high-quality custom printed signage designs? Here are 10 tips to showcase your signage printing business in Middle East.

Signage printing includes creating custom signs for indoor and outdoor advertising material to help people make decisions. This is the era of digitalization, with even the most isolated industries creating their online presence for their consumers. The printing industry is also digitizing by creating online print stores. But the signage printing businesses are not creating digital content, so what’s the reason behind their growth?

According to global statistis, the signage printing industry is forecasted to grow at a 2% CAGR from 2020 to 2025. Another study from Sign Research Foundation states that adding a new sign to a printing business brings a 4.75% increase in sales.

The signage industry is growing. Due to various branding trends, it has become an integral part of marketing campaigns. If you are running a signage printing business, we have listed below the tips for sign printer business in Middle East. You can implement to make the most out of signage printing demands in 2022.

1.    Know the Most Common Challenges

Understand the most common challenges, such as placement of your signage because the location is everything. Choosing a prime location to hang your signage may not work for you. So, consider vantage points by looking at them from various directions.

After all, you don’t need your sign to be covered with wires or trees. You also need to decide how big or small the sign should be. It should be significant but not too big to interfere with the message it is depicting.

2.    Expand Product & Service Offerings

If you want to expand your services in Middle East, carefully plan your strategies. You’ll find many opportunities where a signage product will add value to your existing offerings. Look at similar products in the market offered by your competitors and understand what complementary signage products you can contribute to improving your branding. Increase your product range. For instance, if you produce banners, why not move to signage leaflets. Also, add more unique features so your sign can stand out in the crowd.

3.    Go Online If Not Yet

82% of consumers research online for a product or service before purchasing it. So there is an excellent opportunity for your signage business if you move online.

Create a search engine optimized website and let your potential customers find you. Offer them the chance to produce custom design online according to their requirements.

4.    Use the Latest Sign Design Software to Offer More

There are several benefits to shifting from traditional printing to sign design online tool. You can update your content with just one click. It will save your time and extra cost. In addition, you’ll be able to produce fresh and relevant content and advertise effectively.

You can also control your content on multiple channels and locations with software for sign printing business. If your competitors are not using the signage software, they soon will be. So, why not hop on this bandwagon before any of your rivals will.

5.    Market Your Business Online and Offline

Combining online and offline marketing will make a powerful weapon. It is also the need of the hour as other businesses are also using multiple channels.

Use online calls-to-action signage on your flyers. Create reasons for your audience to visit your online website. One of the popular trends in 2022 is that brands are creating a QR codes by using banners and posters. They are encouraging people to scan the code to reach their online websites. You can also use an innovative strategy like this to engage the audience.

Utilize the most popular signage print on your offline campaign that your audience already loves on your social media accounts. This will create an experience of cohesiveness, and your audience will be able to connect well with your online and offline brand interactions.

6.    Sponsor Events Your Customers Love

You can sponsor contests and free added value offers for your customers, which they love. It will increase their engagement with your signage brand. Besides, it’s a far less intrusive way to increase your brand’s outreach and create a natural dialogue with a specific audience.

According to a study, 74% of respondents said that they are more likely to buy after live experiences at events. When people see your brand engaging with other sponsors and supporting groups and events, they will perceive it to be successful and profitable.

7.    Brand Your Signs

Signage creates awareness and conveys what your audience needs to know. Your brand’s logo on your website, business cards, and flyers will represent its personality. It will contribute to the recognition of your business.

When people see your unique signage logo, they’ll instantly recognize your brand. You can customize your signage design according to your brand’s style and core values. So, your brand will be showcased as consistent across all channels.

8.    Train Employees

Hiring qualified employees for your print store can be pretty challenging. But you can upgrade your existing employees’ skills. You can leverage built-in training sessions to update your employees about using multi-function devices for printing efficiently.

Engaging with your staff on a day-to-day basis will also eliminate workspace frustration. Moreover, training them will save you time to focus on other activities. It will also improve your employees’ productivity.

9.    Submit Your Sign to Relevant Publications and Magazines

The signage industry is constantly evolving. So, there’s always some news or events related to the industry. You can also publish new ideas and innovative designs regarding your signage printing business in a renowned magazine.

Unique content will always increase your audience’s interest in your brand. It will help them follow any events you are throwing and changes you are making in the signage industry. Better if it’s a digital magazine as it could be read globally.

10.   Implement a Sign Referral Program

A referral program is a marketing tactic that encourages existing customers to refer the brand to their relatives or friends. Word of mouth matters in the business world. In fact, referrals are more known to drive people to make purchasing decisions than paid media. You can offer free referral templates and identify channels to host referral sign design programs.

In addition, you can track referrals and make a plan to reach out by first segmenting your inner circle. Once you have set up your program, alert your customers and promote your signage business.


Signs are an integral part of our life. Expanding your signage web-to-print business online in Middle East and offline through marketing strategies, sponsorships, and referral programs will increase your customer base. Also, use multi-channels to attract a global audience and train your employees, to use advanced printing tools.

In addition, integrating an online sign designer for web to print stores will make your services more robust. Use software that is user-friendly and easy to manage.

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