Ukrainian Startup ‘Time for Machine’ Surpasses 833% in Pledges

Ukrainian Startup ‘Time for Machine’ Surpasses 833% in Pledges

Right in time for Easter! Time for Machine, a startup specializing in steel retro modeling with mechanical engines surpasses 833% in pledges on KickStarter with their world’s most beautiful exclusive collection of old-timers. Among the models are a dazzlingly futuristic steamliner train, a visionary new plane of Herculean proportions, two beautifully retro cars, a terrifically tantalizing new tractor, our marvelously updated new tank and an updated version of our mysteriously magical timer, all of which can be seen in detail at our KickStarter campaign site. As a special exclusive to our valued global backers, they are available for 30% off on Kickstarter until May 3rd 2019.

The most incredible models are the «Dazzling Steamliner», assembled of no less than 230 superbly machined parts and the «Heavenly Hercules» plane, whose moving parts and propeller systems are astonishingly elegant. In addition, theDazzling Steamliner and Heavenly Hercules also offer the exclusive feature of free engraving with up to twelve characters. There are currently a total of nine car and plane models, along with a timeless business card case.

From ancient times through to today, humans have invested so much effort into the design, creation and technological advances of cars, mechanisms, planes and steam engines. That’s why even after the passage of time, these items still captivate our minds, just like the antique mechanical automatons and figures by such wizards as Peter Carl Faberge – found today only in private collections or museums. Nowadays, due to modern technologies, there is the possibility for you to become a wizard yourself, and to create something equally attractive, like the new Time for Machine sets that you can easily assemble into a mechanical piece of art.

Each model has a unique story, where the movement of a gear wheel is a movement of life. The rapid train runs on its rails, propelled by a spring. The plane motors spin due to the mechanism in its base. Cars have a clockwork mechanism and a steering system. You can open the hood and see the way the mechanism works. After all, the ideal construction set must not only be beautiful but move beautifully, whilst also moving your heart, mind and soul.

“Right now our main models are a powerful new plane and the stunning Steamliner. The plane was designed after the Heavenly Hercules plane created by the great aviator Howard Hughes”, explains Denis Okhrimenko, CEO and Founder of Time for Machine.

“The model stands on a base, which contains a winding mechanism that makes the plane rotors spin. As for the train, it has a retro-futuristic design. The layout of the wheels is reminiscent of the famous Union Pacific Big Boy. There is a winding key on its side to make the train run on the included tracks.

“We also have some mechanical car models. You can open the doors and hoods or turn the wheel. On top or on the side of the model there is a handle, which enables you to start the car. Our mechanical tank resembles a Faberge egg, it is decorated with intricate patterns and without any guns”.

What makes Time for Machine’s construction kits so different?

Unlike construction kits of the past, these models are made of very thin but extremely durable metal, produced by the most innovative chemical etching method, resulting in stunning, must-see quality. All parts have smoothed oval side edges and are completely safe. In addition, all parts can be easily separated from the plate and effortlessly bent by hand. You only need a pair of small pliers and time to assemble them into beautiful models.

The models also feature a delightful feature: you can bring them to life with through either the included mechanical engines or spring-wound power systems. Each model lets you interact with all the details you’d expect, such as opening the doors and hoods, while enchantment awaits when you realise you can watch and experience the work of the gear wheels in the mechanical section where the energy of movement is created. Thanks to these engines, applicable models can run up to 5.5 meters, bringing joy to adults and children alike.

What’s included in each set

When you open each package, you will see a special black envelope divided into sections. Inside are  special plates with parts. On the bottom of the box, within special compartments, are gear wheels made of thicker metal, along with a separate block with a spring, while some models also feature special plywood moulds which can help to adjust the form of some separate elements of those models.

Key charaсteristics:

  • Open the hood and see the way the mechanism works. The ideal construction set must not only be beautiful but move beautifully – and should also move your spirit. A detailed design of each model shows the movement of every mechanism, balance and cylinder-piston group. When you wind the spring it creates enough mechanic energy to run from 3 to 5.5 meters.
  • Free personal engraving on selected models.
  • Any model can be assembled using only tiny pliers. Parts are connected to each other with the easy twist of an eye mechanism.
  • All parts have smoothed oval side edges and are completely safe to handle.
  • Each set comes with detailed instructions in English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian and Spanish. However, assembling will be easier if you watch our free instructional videos that will help you with the process. These video lessons will help you with mechanics and STEM 101.

The company’s CEO and founder, Denis Ohrimenko, is a serial entrepreneur. Prior to establishing Time for Machine, he founded the well-known company Ugears selling plywood mechanical construction sets. With his new project Denis, sets a higher goal – to create the most beautiful construction sets in the world, that you can easily assemble into a mechanical piece of art.  The idea of making the metallic mechanical models came to Okhrimenko’s mind back in 2016, right after the success of the Ugears project. As with Ugear’s plywood models, creating Time for Machine’s new construction kits seemed almost impossible at first sight – to create a model that can be easily assembled, and that will work properly and look gorgeous at the same time.

Okhrimenko added: “People usually associate mechanisms with something peaceful, beautiful and smart. Nowadays a mechanical construction set gives a rare chance to relax for a busy mind. We hope you enjoy creating these new kits as much as we did in creating them for you, and sincerely wish that these objects d’art continue to delight you and your families for generations to come.

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