Why Partners Should Build Their Business With Nutanix

The Next Evolution of Partner Autonomy: Why Partners Should Build Their Business With Nutanix

By: Shaista Ahmed, Director Channel, Alliances, OEM & Distribution – Emerging Markets at Nutanix

Technology continues to advance at an extraordinary pace, with organizations across all industries eager to harness the power of digital transformation, data-driven insights, AI, and cloud to not only stay competitive but also pioneer new frontiers in efficiency, agility, and customer experience.

With the recent start of our new fiscal year, we are excited to showcase to partners the wealth of opportunities to grow their business, elevate skills, and maximize earnings by leaning in. This includes a revamped incentive structure and channel-led selling motions that empower partners with deal control throughout the sales cycle.

Enhanced Incentives Framework to Earn More

At Nutanix, we understand that a strong partnership is built on mutual success. To that end, we are thrilled to introduce enhancements to our Elevate Partner Program incentives and Performance + Deal Registration Program for Nutanix’s FY24. Our commitment to partner success goes beyond just words; it’s reflected in our revamped incentive structure. This includes:

  • Larger Payout for New Business Individual Incentive: Now partner sellers and SEs can earn a 2% incentive, up to $7,500 per deal, for identifying, registering, and winning new business with Nutanix. This incentive program complements our New Business Rebate for partner reseller organizations, which maintains its lucrative structure from FY23.
  • Increased Discount Advantage for Deal Registration: It’s never been more advantageous to register deals with Nutanix! FY24 brings an enhanced discount advantage to partners who register deals and quote Nutanix simplified product portfolio SKUs (PnP 2.0), as they shall now see over a 40% greater discount advantage versus non-registered discounting. Registering deals not only provides partners with deal protection, but can drive even greater profitability for each deal.
  • Performance Bonuses: Top-performing partners will have the opportunity to earn even more with performance-based bonuses.


Channel-Led Selling Motion Brings Empowerment for Full Lifecycle Ownership

At Nutanix, we’re focused on placing our valued partner ecosystem into the driver’s seat of the sales cycle. Channel-led selling provides Nutanix partners complete deal control throughout the sales cycle for customers and prospects in select accounts. This gives partners the ability to drive deals their way, fostering more intimate customer relationships by showcasing their full Nutanix capabilities and value-added services to deliver customer success. To achieve this, we’ll be backing partners with new levels of sales support and resources to guide partners towards selling success, including:

  • A lucrative Channel-Led Selling Rebate Incentive in the FY24 Elevate Reseller Partner Program, built to make partner success even more profitable as partners win new deals with these select accounts.
  • Dedicated channel-led sales resource centers across the world, purpose-built to support partners on deals with select accounts when needed in any facet of the sales cycle.
  • Robust new enablement pathways launching mid-October in the updated Nutanix University platform to ensure partners have the sales, technical, and services capabilities needed to be successful around hybrid multicloud solutions.

Getting Customers to Hybrid Multicloud Faster

Nutanix enables partners to help solve cloud complexity struggles, whether that be cost, performance or security risk challenges, by taking advantage of our single platform that reduces an organization’s risks and gives customers complete freedom to choose their cloud, apps, and platform. With Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2), partners can deliver on the promise of hybrid, allowing their customers to seamlessly manage and migrate VMs, containers, and applications without expensive retooling or reworking, delivering freedom from cloud lock-in.

Starting now, Nutanix also delivers the ability to leverage cloud marketplaces as a new route to market, including integrations with both Microsoft Azure and AWS marketplaces. Most importantly, partners receive the same discount advantages as they would through traditional transaction avenues. Partners can now take advantage of seamless transactions and reduced sales cycles with their customers using programs such as the AWS Channel-Partner-Private Offer (CPPO) and Azure Multiparty Private Offers where available.

Nutanix is committed to helping partners drive customer success in the ever-evolving IT landscape. This includes continued product innovation such as the recent unveiling of the Nutanix GPT-in-a-Box™ solution for customers looking to jump-start their AI and machine learning innovation, while maintaining control over their data. Nutanix also recently announced a global strategic partnership with Cisco to simplify hybrid multicloud and fuel business transformation.

FY24 builds upon this trend, and as we embark on this new fiscal year Nutanix is fully committed to partner success. I encourage partners to deepen their partnerships with us to help build their business with Nutanix. Here’s to a prosperous and rewarding year ahead!

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