A $200 million WBAF fund announced today at the 2018 World Congress

A $200 million WBAF fund announced today at the 2018 World Congress.

Unity Group Venture Capital arm to invest $100m into Small to Medium Enterprises (SME’s) in conjunction with the World Business Angels Investment Forum in 2018. In conjunction with WBAF, Unity Group is currently raising a second round of $200m to have twice the impact in 2019. This fund will be known as The WBAF Fund.

(WBAF World Congress 2018 – Istanbul) Unity Group Venture Capital arm known as ‘Accelerated Venture Capital’ is pleased to announce a joint venture with World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF) to invest $100m in Small to Medium sized Enterprises (SME’s) within the global WBAF network in 2018.

This partnership represents part of a wider strategy to help facilitate the growth and scaling of SME’s through the injection of capital and the use of the agglomeration model pioneered by The Unity Group to create liquidity and shareholder value.

The businesses targeted will be from all sectors and all geographies covered by WBAF and will be well established, debt free, profitable ($1m+) and well led.  Up to 5x of their last years profit will be made available to invest in those companies to help them scale up.  These companies will also use this opportunity to go public by using the agglomeration strategy and allowing early stage angel investors to see growth and results from their initial support in a much shorter time frame.

Through its wide reach and connections, WBAF will help to identify companies that match the criteria and facilitate the introductions to support this initiative.

Commenting, Founder Accelerated Venture Capital, Callum Laing, said:

“We are very excited by the opportunity to work more closely with the World Business Angel Investment Forum and their extensive network of High Commissioners and Governments around the world.”

“The $100m of funds which will go to these great small and medium sized businesses that have a proven track record of successful execution but are missing out on exciting opportunities to expand through a lack of finance.  WBAF is the perfect partner to help us find the right companies.”

Chairman of World Business Angels Investment Forum, Baybars Altuntas, added:

“In the past, inventions were important for the economic development of societies. In the 21st century, however, it is not invention but innovation that counts.  Accelerated Venture Capital innovation in finance will help many businesses within the WBAF network to fast track their own innovation.  This funding will lead to significant growth and job opportunities for 20 or so companies we are looking to identify as recipients of these funds in 2018.”

“Also, as a network of Angel’s we are grateful to see initiatives like this that create opportunities for Investors and allow them to reap the rewards of investing in and supporting fledgling businesses.  It is essential to the entrepreneurial ecosystem that Angels be rewarded for their support”

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