NYUAD introduces Venture Launchpad, an immersive 10-day program for aspiring entrepreneurs

NYUAD introduces Venture Launchpad, an immersive 10-day program for aspiring entrepreneurs

New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) today announced the introduction of Venture Launchpad, an immersive 10-day entrepreneurship program, as part of its startAD platform. Venture Launchpad is a course designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs develop a scalable, repeatable, and capital efficient venture within a short time span. The program will take place from January 8-19, 2017, and the deadline to apply is December 15, 2016.

startAD is an innovation and entrepreneurship platform anchored at New York University Abu Dhabi, offering a full stack entrepreneurial experience that supports the ecosystem through startups and education, in line with Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030. It targets the local, regional, and global communities.

Those accepted into the Venture Launchpad program will be required to attend all 10 days of classes, which will culminate in Demo Day, during which participants will be required to present their ideas to the larger startup community in the UAE. The program is open to anyone present in the UAE and is free of charge. Campus accommodation will be provided to those participants who are not residents of Abu Dhabi, at no additional cost.

Participants will learn from leading technology companies, government institutions, investors, and startup founders. They will work in teams to formulate new business ideas through the process of ideation, testing viability in the marketplace, and ultimately finding a scalable, repeatable business model. Aside from the in-class study component, the teams will also interview target customers in order to refine their business model.

The program will be conducted by Owen Davis, adjunct professor at Columbia University. Davis is a seasoned entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and the current managing director at NYC Seed, an early stage fund. He has previously taught entrepreneurship courses at NYUAD, Columbia Business School, and Columbia Law School.

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