Creating a Powerful Window Display in Your Store: Infographic

Creating a Powerful Window Display

by Patrick Thuot

Store owners face a constant battle to draw people into their store. E-commerce has made it an even tougher battle and store owners have to work harder than ever to promote their store. One area that is still very important is the window display. A window display helps increase the footfall in your store, which in turn increases sales and custom.

The great thing about window displays is that they are cheap to put together. You can create a great one by yourself with some basic enough tools. When you’re working on your window display, keep in mind these tips from SMS Storetraffic.  There are so many things you can do to ensure your store has the best lit window display on the street and remember that your window display must be interesting enough to make people stop what they’re doing. Everyone is so busy these days so people won’t stop unless your display is really eye catching.

There are also ways you can promote your window displays and sharing them across your social profiles may help draw people to your store. Instagram is a particularly effective tool and it will provide you with instant feedback as to how your window display is resonating with people. Check out everything you need to know about window displays in the graphic!


Author Bio

Patrick Thuot is the Vice President of Storetraffic. Storetraffic provide expert people traffic counting software solutions for the retail industry, the travel industry and educational institutions.

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