CloakCoin Announces Important Partnership with Vistalli Casa-BitcoinXcasa

CloakCoin Announces Important Partnership with Vistalli Casa-BitcoinXcasa

CloakCoin, a proof-of-stake based privacy cryptocurrency, today announces an important partnership with Vistalli Casa-BitcoinXcasa, 35 years experienced Italian famous real estate group that offer its own property solutions, in Italian locations and accept payment in cryptos and from now on CLOAKCOIN as well!

“It is a pleasure to include CloakCoin as a new cryptocurrency for buying our holiday houses in Italy. CloakCoin is a well-established cryptocurrency and well-known among crypto enthusiasts and continues to move forward becoming a mainstream crypto payment option alongside Bitcoin and Ethereum. All the CloakCoin investors will now have a new opportunity to cash out their CloakCoins directly buying one of the marvellous holiday houses in Italy,” says Davide Scola Crypto Marketing Manager for Vistalli Casa – BitcoinXcasa

“Vistalli Casa and its new trademark are a well-known holiday house builder in Italy and their homes are located in superb surrounding at the seaside, on the north Italian mountains and at the side of the 2 biggest Italian lakes Garda and Iseo. It is one of the best ways for everybody to buy a house in Italy and give an extra utility feature to ClockCoin,” says Harry Sidiropoulos (alias sidi25), Marketing & PR Lead for CloakCoin

In the beginning, the partnership agreement is expected to consider the use of CloakCoin for a maximum amount of 30% of the cost of the house and for the maximum amount of CloakCoin equal to 60.000 US dollar or 50.000 Euro.

All the CloakCoin owners who are interested will be able to receive more information by contacting both the CloakCoin Team or Vistalli Casa-BitcoinXcasa.

“We are excited to show to all the CloakCoin owners our holiday houses, available in different solutions from the flat to the villas, the amazing location where they are placed, the quality of the materials and the respect of the highest building standard level. We are organizing a special tour in Italy for the CloakCoin owners so to visit our best solutions”, says Battista Vistalli Ceo  Vistalli Casa-BitcoinXcasa Group    

The core CloakCoin team concludes, “In the future, the acceptance for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and CloakCoin will increase. For this reason, we feel obliged to offer our CloakCoin investors the opportunity to generate passive income as well as spending their CloakCoins for a coffee, goods, services or real estate!”

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