Dubai Leasing Summit to Detail Industry on Brink of Massive Change

Dubai Leasing Summit to Detail Industry on Brink of Massive Change

The global market for car leasing and rental is projected to grow by at a robust 13% CAGR over the next half-decade. In Gulf Coast states, a confluence of strong economic growth and high demand for car leasing services, will contribute to sustained expansion for the industry. Furthermore, increasingly convenient car rental platforms, and new technological paradigms for green vehicles, hint at dramatic structural changes to auto leasing. In addition, continued growth in global equipment leasing, in combination with government initiatives, and major international events in Gulf countries, including the Dubai Expo 2020 and Saudi Vision 2030, have positive implications for that sector.

To address these trends and other important topics, Duxes will host the4th Middle East Leasing Summit 2017 on December 4-7 in Dubai, consisting of separate two-day forums, the Auto Finance and Leasing Forum on December 4-5, and the Equipment Leasing Forum on December 6-7. The summit will gather professionals from around the world, as well as regional policymakers and industry leaders, to discuss the prospects of theleasing industry in the Middle East.

Over the course of Auto Finance and Leasing Forum, speakers will present on regulatory developments with implications for the auto leasing market, including VAT reforms across the GCC, auto-financing models, car sharing and rental platforms, fleet management, as well as IT and green technologies. Notably, the event will feature testimony from representatives of government agencies, and prominent lessors operating in the market.

The Equipment Leasing Forum will address important vendor industries, including leasing for medical equipment, construction equipment, and IT equipment. Further content will detail financing channels, credit scoring, the regulatory framework and the residual value management in the region.

The 4th Middle East Leasing Summit 2017 follows up on Duxes’ engagement with the leasing industry. This commitment includes three previous summits on Middle East leasing that have drawn acclaim from attendees, and progressively grown in size and influence. Professionals working in auto leasing, equipment leasing, and related fields, are invited to attend.


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1 Comment

  1. charu

    November 2, 2017 at 1:11 pm

    Thanks for sharing this update. Dubai’s market is exponentially growing.

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