Entrepreneurship in Conflict Zones

Entrepreneurship in Conflict Zones:

The conflict in Syria has inspired a new wave of innovative youths to tap into unexplored fields, producing new ideas and embracing new business models- 17.6 percent of Syrian youth tried to work on startup ideas on 2014; in 2015, the figure climbed to 31.2 percent.
This is one of many findings from a report I published today to highlight the experiences and needs of Syrian entrepreneurs in the country during the conflict to sum up the results of five years of work to build an effective entrepreneurial ecosystem in Syria.
The report draws on data from a study examining the views and experiences over a period of twelve months of research, during which 268 interviews were conducted with Syrians entrepreneurs. The study also included an open discussion and series of interviews with entrepreneurs experts as well as insights from local startups.

This report identifies 10 main challenges facing entrepreneurs who have launched or are planning to launch their startups inside the country, outlines research findings on the overall situation of entrepreneurship sector in Syria.
By identifying its characteristics and problems, it offers a host of possible solutions that could be considered in trying to overcome the obstacles posed by this lingering conflict as well as providing a deeper look at the motives behind seeing more female entrepreneurs join the market.


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