UAE undergoing major energy changes to face the future

UAE undergoing major energy changes to face the future

The retrofitting of existing buildings to greener standards is widely recognized as a key step in the sustainable development of a nation’s economy.

The Dubai Supreme Council of Energy has set the goal of reducing energy demand by 30% by 2030. To achieve this goal, retrofitting and refurbishing existing buildings has been identified as a core strategy to reduce overall energy demand.

RetrofitTech UAE Summit & Awardswill give an update on UAE’s retrofit programme for buildings to lower water and electricity demands, identify upcoming projects and requirements, and give a snapshot on the emerging opportunities in new sectors or markets through innovative conference formats.

The summit is officially supported by the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy, TAQATI and Etihad ESCO and will be held on 20-21 March 2017 in Dubai, UAE.

This prestigious event will include a dedicated awards ceremony to recognise and celebrate excellence and achievements in this field.

UAE is undergoing a major facelift

Several government-backed entities in Dubai have signed contracts worth around $20 million to make environmental improvements to their real estate portfolios.

In April 2016, the UAE Ministry of Energyannounced that it is working on a project to retrofit almost 4,000 federal government buildings and a further 30,000 buildings in Dubai with low-energy technologies, including lighting.

Developers, building owners, and BOAs are looking at retrofitting buildings in the residential sector. At the same time, there are several ongoing projects across the retail sector which have either undergone retrofitting or are undergoing retrofitting. They include malls and leisure and entertainment projects.

Retrofitting hotels might become a requirement since the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) in Dubai is finalising framework and guidelines to ensure that hotels meet their energy efficiency KPIs.

The healthcare and education sectors are also undergoing retrofitting. Hospitals including Sharjah Teaching Hospital andIssatOmran and universities like AUD and Zayed University have already started retrofitting.

Why take part in RetrofitTech UAE Summit& Awards?

This summit is being launched to identify future retrofit opportunities and the latest technologies for driving energy and water efficiency as well as ROI across multiple sectors.

This unique and timely event will bring together the relevant government bodies, energy efficiency industry experts, developers, consultants and solution providers.

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