Home Maternity Care Business in UAE Up for Staggering Growth

Home Maternity Care Business in UAE Up for Staggering Growth

The growing demand for home maternity care services in the UAE goes to show how many expectant mothers now prefer personalised, safe and convenient care—both prenatal and postpartum— in the comfort of their own homes.

This is not a surprise, especially after the pandemic. But even before that, we have already witnessed an increasing preference for services supporting mothers and, after giving birth, their newborn babies in the familiarity of their own homes. Factors such as lacking a large family network, especially among expatriate communities, and working family members play a contributing role in driving the demand.

Undoubtedly, home maternity care offers expectant mothers the advantage of personalised attention from healthcare professionals, including midwives and nurses.  They benefit from one-on-one interactions, tailored care plans, and the availability of specialized services.

Technological advancements that revolutionized healthcare solutions have also made a difference in home maternity care. Telemedicine, remote monitoring devices, and digital health platforms, for instance, have made it possible for families to communicate with their healthcare providers wherever they are.

In the UAE, which boasts of having advanced healthcare infrastructures, the government has long prioritized maternal health and recognized the importance of ensuring a safe and comfortable pregnancy journey for women.

With an increased focus on maternal well-being, the UAE is home to top-notch hospitals that have a maternity wing, with some even specializing in maternity care and paediatrics. There are also a host of maternity packages to choose from to care for the needs and preferences of families. Many facilities are even equipped with luxurious amenities to ensure care with utmost comfort and convenience.

Providing home maternity care aligns with and contributes to the country’s initiatives by offering flexibility to families. We at Emirates Home Nursing share the same goal. As such, we have built a team of specialized mother and baby care professionals to help families navigate through critical moments in their parenthood journey.

The demand for home maternity care services is projected to rise significantly in the coming years, offering promising prospects for entrepreneurs and service providers in the sector. By seizing the available opportunities, the UAE can continue to lead in providing comprehensive and convenient maternity care, ensuring the well-being of expectant mothers and their families.

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