Indonesia’s BCA is the world’s strongest banking brand, scoring 94/100

Indonesia’s BCA is the world’s strongest banking brand, scoring 94/100

Indonesia’s BCA Bank is the world’s strongest banking brand. has presented data showing that the bank scored 94% in its Brand Strength Index (BSI) measure. It grew its 2021’s BSI by two and a half points to get there, beating some 500 global banks that the study considered.

Best value for money

“BCA has been stepping up its offering in alignment with its expanding role as one of ASEAN’s biggest banks,” says’s Edith Reads. “Indonesia’s largest lender has recorded robust performances across crucial metrics especially those relating to customer satisfaction. It outdid the competition on matters reputation, quality of service and value for money.”

Over the past year, BCA’s investments in digital banking have bolstered its standing. That’s because customers consider the standards of such platforms an essential factor in their impressions of banking brands.

Despite the achievement, the bank isn’t resting on its laurels. It has recently been outlining ambitious plans for the future. Part of those plans entails listing its digital arm BCA Digital on the country’s stock exchange.

Banking on low-cost credit

Taking the second spot was South Africa’s Capitec Bank.  They scored a BSI of 92.4% and an AAA+ rating for brand strength. The fact that the bank is a relatively young one in space makes the feat even more impressive.

Capitec has been operating for about two decades only. In that period, it has leapfrogged many of S. A’s traditional banks to the second spot in market cap terms.  It has cut itself a reputation for delivering affordable credit for South Africans. Thus it has cultivated a solid customer base.

Europe’s finest 

Russia’s SberBank took the third position with a BSI of 92.3%. The bank has also dethroned Ferrari as Europe’s strongest brand across all industries.

The banking and IT powerhouse has just rolled out new digital investments services. For instance, its customers can manage their portfolios and consult on investments from the bank’s mobile app.

The full story and statistics can be found here: Indonesia’s BCA is the world’s strongest banking brand

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