Launching The Octopus Ed-Tech PLatform for Entrepreneurs

Launching The Octopus Ed-Tech PLatform for Entrepreneurs

At the dawn of a new age for business leadership today, a revolution in how we view entrepreneurship and education both, calls us to attention.
We are being asked to re-imagine more progressive and robust futuristic models for success and longevity.

These new, powerful paradigms, recognize that the power of the individual pales in comparison to the inherent strength contained within the pulse of a thriving, diverse and flourishing eco-system.

If your business success is centred around the strength of your network of entrepreneurs, having their dynamic energy siphoned into the overwhelm of running a business without all the necessary skills and knowledge to manage the multi-faceted nature of it – is something you can no longer afford.

The paradigm-busting, revolutionary Octopus community for transformative education, recognizes that the success of the entrepreneur catapults – when they are brought into a cooperative hive of collaborative support.

In the old paradigm of success, your entrepreneur dealt with the threat of competition as a lone warrior. This kept them in a narrow sphere of influence as focus and resources was spent on dealing with a battle-field where entrepreneurs describe feeling overwhelmed and burdened.

In this powerful context of eco-system strength, they expand into a more enabled context where they are able to focus, strike at and capture opportunity, with swift precision supported within an eco-system of excellence, fortified with the best business education in the world.

Over 15 years, award-winning conscious business leaders and best-selling authors Landi Jac and Mike Handcock, travelled across 50 countries and interacted with over 300 000 of the world’s best leaders and entrepreneurs to find the world’s best business education.

The Octopus Education Eco-System for Entrepreneurial Excellence – certified to the highest standards globally and recognized by governments, investors and business leaders worldwide – gives your network access to it, as they enter this community of cohesion, excellence and dynamism. Your network will also have access to live on and offline events with the world’s best leaders and experts in their field to continually fuel them with motivation and cutting-edge information from the world’s top business leaders.

As this world-class accredited information reaches your network of entrepreneurs you will experience an increase in your sales by up to 75%, enabling you to retain your existing clients and to attract more.

As you lead your network into this unique community of excellence by joining a trusted global network, your entrepreneurs will access certified best practice accredited education while they earn much sought after CPD (Continued Professional Development) points, further empowering them to serve as trusted experts in their field.

If you are ready to focus on your next horizon while you rest assured that your network is being nourished with support and education – Join the Octopus Eco-System for Entrepreneurial Excellence now.

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